Barricade (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 14,75 g.
RELEASE DATE : December 10, 2022

Description of Barricade Blade

Released with the B-206 Barricade Lucifer Illegal Bearing Mobius-10 Booster as part of the Burst Ultimate system on December 10, 2022, Barricade is a right-spin defense type Blade featuring a circular shape. Being part of the final release in the Beyblade Burst generation, the words “Thank” and “You” are written in english on the underside of the Blade.

Barricade Blade Gimmick

The Barricade Blade features a gimmick : it has four “barrier blades” made of rubber. These “barrier blades” will deploy when the combination is launched. These rubber blades will extend more or less depending on launch power. Therefore, this Beyblade can be launched with force to make the gimmick as effective as possible. This gimmick is easy to “activate”, even for younger players (6 years old), and the use of a Full Custom BeyLauncher LR can make it even easier.

Later in the battle, as the combination slows down, the rubber blades will retract. Once the “barrier blades” are back in their original position, the combination has a circular shape with four rubber parts along its perimeter.

Barricade Blade Performances

The “barrier blades” are intended to protect the combination from the opposing Beyblade attacks, and it can do so with great success. This gimmick can be more than a simple defensive tool, since it can also prevent spin-equalizing combos from getting the required friction on the opposing Blade.

As long as the rubber blades are released, the opposing Beyblade will not be able to make contact with Barricade, preventing spin-steal and mitigating opposing attacks.

Opposite-Spin Battles

Furthermore, the shape of the “barrier blades” result in strong performances in opposite-spin battles and poor performances in same-spin battles. Therefore, most left-spin combinations will be slowed down by Barricade’s “barrier” and will most likely lose the battle. Once the “barrier blades” are retracted, this Blade will be partially covered by rubber, creating spin-steal potential and increasing stamina.

Same-Spin Battles

However, the “barrier blades” will not stop right-spin combinations. Instead of being slowed-down, right-spin combos will be “redirected”, and strike the Barricade combo from below. Opposing Beyblades will typically make contact with Barricade underside and/or the Forge Disc. Therefore, both attack and stamina right-spin combinations will be able to dominate a Barricade combo and destabilize it fairly early in battle.

Final Thoughts

Barricade is not necessarily a must-have for competitive players. However, it can be a decent alternative in opposite-spin battles for players lacking options.

In a non-competitive environment, this Blade can be a great addition, featuring a gimmick that proves to be fun and efficient in opposite-spin battles.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

The Barricade Blade can be found in the following products :

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