Xtreme’ (Performance Tip)

PRODUCT CODE : B-00 (CoroCoro Exclusive)
WEIGHT : Approx. 5,6 g
RELEASE DATE : August 2018

Xtreme' driver

Description of Xtreme’

First released with the the release of the B-00¬†Shadow Amaterios 0 Xtreme’¬†CoroCoro Exclusive Booster in August 2018 as part of the Cho-Z Layer system, Xtreme’ is the “dash” version of the Xtreme Performance Tip. You can see our complete article on the Xtreme driver here.
The “dash” version of a driver has a stronger spring, increasing burst resistance significantly.

Xtreme’ features a slightly softer rubber, resulting in increased movement speed. With increased burst-resistance provided by the dash spring, a critical attribute for attack combinations, Xtreme’ is the most popular choice for attack combinations in the competitive game.

Xtreme’ is a must-have for competitive players and non-competitive players alike.

List of Products

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