0 (Forge Disc)

WEIGHT : Approx. 24 g
RELEASE DATE : December 28th, 2017

Description of 0 Forge Disc

First released with the B-100 Starter Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta as part of the God Layer system on December 27th, 2018, 0 is a Forge Disc featuring an elliptic shape and a smooth perimeter.

This Forge Disc is compatible with Disc Frames. Compared to other Discs from the God Layer and Cho-Z Layer systems, 0 is a heavy Disc, featuring CWD (Centralized Weight Distribution). CWD creates better defense potential, but the heavy weight makes 0 viable in attack type combinations. In stamina type combinations, Forge Discs featuring OWD (Outward Weight Distribution) are preferred.

Furthermore, its smooth perimeter adds LAD (Life-After-Death) to the combination. LAD can be further increased by assembling a Disc Frame such as Cross on 0.

Overall, this Forge Disc used to be a top tier component due to its heavy weight and design.

However, 0 is outclassed by other options such as 00. Moreover, it is heavily outclassed by Forge Discs from the Superking, Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems. Discs from these systems are at least 4g heavier than 0.

Therefore, 0 is not a must have for competitive players, but it can be a great addition for players collecting earlier models from the Beyblade Burst generation.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the 0 Forge Disc in the following products :

  • B-100 Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta
  • B-106 Emperor Forneus 0 Yard
  • B-111-08 Random Booster Vol. 10 Crash Ragnaruk.11R.Wd : Legend Spriggan 0Under Nothing
  • B-118-03 Random Booster Vol. 11 Vise Leopard.12L.Ds : Screw Trident 0Lift Volcanic
  • B-125-05 Random Booster Vol. 12 Dead Hades.11T.Z’ : Deep Chaos 0Turn Xtend
  • B-128 Cho-Z Customize Set : Cho-Z Spriggan 0Wall Zeta’
  • B-130-08 Random Booster Vol. 13 Air Knight.12E.Et : Wolborg 0Expand Atomic
  • B-131 Dead Phoenix 0 Atomic
  • B-132-08 Random Booster Vol. 14 Driger Fang.0.Xt : Driger Fang 0 Xtend
  • B-140-05 Random Booster Vol. 15 : Orb Egis 0Turn Quick’
  • B-151-06 Random Booster Vol. 17 : Bushin Valkyrie 0 Unite’ Retsu
  • B-153 Gatinko Customize Set : Prime Apocalypse 0Dagger Ultimate Reboot’
  • B-156-04 Random Booster Vol. 18 : Naked Longinus 0Turn Rise Sen
  • B-157 Bigbang Genesis 0 Yard Metal
  • B-158-08 Random Booster Vol. 19 : Shining Amaterios 0 Destroy’
  • B-164-03 Random Booster Vol. 20 : Curse Ragnaruk 0 Accel’ 1S
  • B-170-08 Random Booster Vol. 21 : Dranzer Volcano 0 Charge’
  • B-173-08 Random Booster Vol. 22 : Driger Vulcan 0 High Jaggy’
  • B-178-07 Random Booster Vol. 24 : Master Diabolos 0 Zephyr
  • B-186-03 Random Booster Vol. 26 : Dranzer V2 0Cross Reboot’
  • B-00 Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta (Flame Axe Ver.)
  • B-00 Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta (Golden Axe Ver.)
  • B-00 Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta (Silver Axe Ver.)
  • B-00 Cho-Z Customize Set CoroCoro Ver. : Emperor Forneus 0 Yard (Cho-Z Gold Ver.)
  • B-00 Emperor Forneus 0 Yard (G4 Gold Ver.)
  • B-00 Shadow Amaterios 0 Xtreme’ (CoroCoro Exclusive)
  • B-00 Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 20th Anniversary Set : Driger Fang 0 Xtend
  • B-00 Legend Star Bey Set : Ace Dragon 0Glaive Zephyr’ Ten
  • B-00 Metal Fight Beyblade Anime 10th Anniversary Set : Rock Leone 0 Massive
  • B-00 Prime Apocalypse 0Dagger Ultimate Reboot’ (Evil Dragon Ver.)
  • B-00 Dead Phoenix 0 Atomic (CoroCoro Exclusive, Flame Wing Ver.)
  • B-00 Metal Fight Beyblade 2020 Baku Set : Hell Kerbecs 0Lift Mobius
  • B-00 Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2023 V2 Set : Dranzer V2 0Cross Reboot’

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