Infinite (Ring)

WEIGHT : Approx. 5,5 g
WEIGHT w/ Infinite Sword : Approx. 10,7 g
WEIGHT w/ Infinite Shield : Approx. 10,3 g
Release Date : October 24th, 2020

Description of the Infinite Ring

First released with the  B-173 Random Booster Vol. 22 as part of the Superking Layer system on October 24th, 2020, Infinite is a right-spin Ring.

Infinite has two sword-shaped contact points, and it can be combined with two different parts : “Infinite Sword” and “Infinite Shield“. Therefore, this Ring can be used in three different modes : Balance, Attack and Defense.

Balance Mode

With no additional part attached, the Ring is in Balance Mode. In this mode, the Ring is too light to perform well. The lack of weight results in poor stamina and poor defense potential ; it can be easily dominated by attack type combinations.

When facing stamina type combinations, the Infinite combo will most likely be out-spun. Therefore, this mode has no real use and cannot be recommended.

Defense Mode

With “Infinite Shield” attached, this Ring is in “Defense Mode”. The overall performances are better than balance mode due to the added weight of Infinite Shield.

The “Defense Mode” has been a popular option in stamina, defense or hybrid stamina/defense type combinations during the Superking Layer system.

Creating an overall circular shape, Infinite Shield creates decent stamina and defense potential. Therefore, this mode is usually considered as the best.

Attack Mode

With “Infinite Sword” Attached, this Ring is in Attack Mode. In this mode, the main contact points are protruding more, and the Ring is slightly heavier than it is in Defense Mode.

However, the overall design lacks aggressiveness to increase attack potential significantly. When used in attack type combinations, this Ring will often be repelled when attempting to strike the opponent.

Infinite Sword
Infinite Sword

Final Thoughts on Infinite Ring

Overall, Infinite Ring needs to be combined with “Infinite Shield” or “Infinite Sword” to have decent performances.

The “Infinite Shield” used to be the most popular choice during the Superking Layer system. It was typically used in stamina/defense type combinations.

While “Defense Mode” can be used with success against other models from the Superking system, it is heavily outclassed in the Dynamite Battle / Burst Ultimate meta-game. However, this Ring has a successor released as part of the the Burst Ultimate Layer Series, the Zest Blade.

Furthermore, this Ring and the additional “Infinite Shield” and “Infinite Sword” are only available in Random Boosters, which can make it difficult to obtain.

Therefore, this Ring is not a must have for competitive players, but it can be a nice addition for collectors playing with Superking models.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the Infinite Ring in the following products :


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