Random Booster Volume 28

RELEASE DATE : March 19th, 2022

Random Booster Volume 28

Avoid counterfeits ! You can find the authentic Random Booster Volume 28 by Takara Tomy on BEYBLADE TOYS

A random booster contains one beyblade from an assortment of 6 to 8 models. One or two models are “prize” beyblades, being the most difficult to find.

This Random Booster does not feature any Prize model, but there is a small chance to get a gold recolored Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9. It also features two new performance tips : Metal Dimension and High Charge’.

Here are all the models available in Random Booster Volume 28 :

  • B-196 01: Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9 (White rubber blades)
  • B-196 02: Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B (Comes with a red Infinite Shield)
  • B-196 03: Infinite Dragon Zone’+X 1A (Comes with a red Infinite Sword)
  • B-196 04: Super Hyperion Giga Metal Dimension 4A
  • B-196 05: King Helios Karma High Charge’ 1S