High Charge’ (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 16,7 g
RELEASE DATE : March 19th, 2022

Description of the High Charge’ Driver

First released with the B-196 Random Booster Vol. 28 as part of the Dynamite Battle system on March 19th, 2022, High Charge’ is an attack type Performance Tip. It is the High and “Dash” variant of the Charge Driver.

As its name suggests, a “High” variant sits at a taller height than its regular counterpart. The Dash version of a Driver has a stronger spring, increasing burst resistance significantly.

High Charge’ features a wide base and a small, flat plastic tip. Some parts of the base are made of metal, increasing the weight of this Driver. The weight added by metal increases inertia and stamina potential.

While this Performance Tip can create flower patterns, its plastic tip has low levels of friction, resulting in a lack of velocity and aggressiveness. Therefore, combinations using this Driver will not be able to deliver strong attacks.

However, this Driver can create flower pattern fairly easily, making it a good choice for players who are new to Beyblade.

Final Thoughts

High Charge’ lacks friction to have the required aggressiveness for top tier attack type combinations. However, it can be a nice option for players who are new to Beyblade, and unfamiliar with advanced launching techniques.

Additionally, while this Performance Tip is considered as heavily outclassed in the western community, it is regarded as a decent option in Japan, due to the good stamina potential and ease of use of this Driver.

Therefore, this Performance Tip is not a must have for competitive players, but it can be a nice addition in any player’s collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the High Charge‘ Performance Tip in the following products :

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