Beyblade Advanced Techniques

Before you get into more advanced techniques, we strongly advise you to practice your launch with this in mind : keep your launcher steady. It sounds easy, but launching with strength without sudden moves on the launcher is pretty difficult.

If your kids are playing (Takara Tomy recommends Beyblade Burst to 6 years old and above), then keep an eye on their launch to make sure both you and your children are playing in safe conditions. Kids may want to launch with strength, and they may try do so while being very excited to play. If the launcher moves too much, Beyblades can be thrown out of the stadium, so players should keep that in mind before attempting advanced techniques. A launcher grip is a very useful accessory, helping to keep the launcher steady.

Launcher grip by Takara Tomy
A launcher grip can help keeping your launcher steady

What is a Banking Shot and how to perform it ?

A Banking Shot (or Banking Shoot) is a launching technique mainly used with attack type models to create a flower pattern. To execute a banking shot, players need to keep their launcher tilted, in order to launch at an angle. Players have to keep the base of their Beyblade parallel to the angle of the arena. The driver of the bey should be tilted in your direction, not in your opponent’s direction.

It requires practice, but it is mandatory to really appreciate what attack Beyblades have to offer. You’ll improve your technique with time, as you will need to slightly adjust the angle depending on the model you are using for optimal results.

Looking for the perfect angle while also aiming for the perfect amount of strength is what makes attack type Beyblades more difficult, but also more rewarding to use. If launched too hard, the Beyblade will be sent flying in the stadium walls, causing massive stamina loss.

A Beyblade keeps bursting, what can be done ?

Burst resistance is usually the weakness of stamina combinations, and players may be stuck with a limited number of parts to customize their Beyblade when starting their collection.

If upgrading weak parts is not an option, then practice your launch to find the right amount of strength needed for the combo. Launching as hard as possible is very tempting when playing a stamina Beyblades, but it exposes you to a higher burst risk.

Some models, especially the earlier ones (Single/Dual Layers and God Layers) burst very easily if you launch them too hard. Since stamina models are designed to spin for a long time, you may not need to launch them as hard as you think.

Furthermore, if one player makes a very weak launch and his opponent makes a powerful launch, it’s the hard launched Beyblade that is going to burst. If your opponent’s combo is barely spinning and you launch yours with force your Beyblade will burst and may even end up being damaged.

Some specific models will burst very easily no matter what you do, because the teeth inside the Layer may just be too small. In that case, upgrading your driver with a “dash model” may help.

Dash drivers have reinforced springs, thus giving more burst resistance. If you are on the market for a dash driver, just look for a dash after the driver’s name. Example : Destroy has a normal spring mechanism, Destroy has reinforced springs. This upgrade along with a controlled launch may help you to survive more hits.

Tips to beat Spin-Stealing combinations

If you are now able to control your launches power and angle, if you can create flower patterns with consistency, then you can play all types of Beyblades. Then, Spin-Stealing combinations are probably the next challenge you are going to face.

These Beyblades are stamina type combos, so strong they became the core of the Beyblade Burst competitive meta-game. In simple words, competitive players are mainly using Spin-Stealing/Spin-Equalizing combinations, where every single component is used to increase Stamina, Spin-Steal and LAD potential.

Those models are very tricky to beat, at first glance nothing works against such combinations : strikes seem to be absorbed, speed seem to be stolen, launch power feels useless. Well, first of all, let’s not forget the rock/paper/scissors nature of the game ; one combination may be brilliant against some combos, and useless against others. Sometimes, players will be using Beyblades that are just not good against spin stealing opponents.

With that being said, there are things that can be tried to defeat spin-equalization combos. The first thing you may want to do is to have a weaker launch than your opponent.

As mentioned earlier, power is useless because rubber and the friction it provides will always speed up the spin-stealing combination. However, by launching your Beyblade with less power than your opponent, your Beyblade will use the rubber parts of your opponent’s Layer to speed up.

Again, depending on the specific combo you use, it’s not a guaranteed win, but it can be enough to salvage a streak of ties. In that scenario, LAD (Life After Death) is very useful : if your combination has a bit of LAD, you may turn these ties in wins (by a hair, but a win still).

When playing with the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems, assembling your combination in high mode can also help, because spin-stealing Beyblades may have a harder time finding grip and friction on your Layer (assuming your opponent’s combo is assembled in low mode).

When using an attack type combination, you may have another option : the Tornado Stall. Instead of going for early strikes by using a flower pattern, you may want to avoid your opponent by circling around him. Your spin-stealing opponent may try to go for a very light launch to spin-equalize or even burst your Beyblade. In that case, if you launch your attack type Beyblade with no angle at all, it should go all around the arena, moving in a wide circles pattern, embracing the tornado ridge.

This can be risky, since you’ll need to launch your Beyblade hard enough to stay against the tornado ridge as long as possible, but there is still a chance that your opponent’s combination stops spinning before yours goes back to the center of the arena and hits it.

Finally, there are components which are specifically designed to beat opposite-spin combinations, including spin-stealing Beyblades. Some drivers can make a combo very strong in opposite-spin battles. When it comes to parts, you can also look for a Blade that is very smooth, to limit the friction that spin-stealing combos need to win. The right launch with a very smooth blade can “cancel” your opponent’s attempt to equalize your speed spin, lacking the levels of friction to do so.

How to launch an attack type vs an attack type ?

You don’t necessarily need to commit to the banking shot and the flower pattern when going against another attack type combination. In this scenario, players may choose to perform a simple tornado stall, and chase their opponent down the tornado ridge, leading to one of the Beyblades being knocked out.

With experience and knowledge of your opponent’s Beyblade, you will learn how to adapt your launch depending on the match-up.

How to improve an attack type Beyblade performance in the DB stadium ?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the DB standard stadium affects how the game is played. Typically, attack type combinations, especially the ones that are part of the competitive meta-game, are using rubber drivers, meaning that the tip of the driver is made of rubber.

Rubber has poor stamina, but it creates the most agressive movements. In the DB stadium, rubber drivers are not recommended. In this large stadium, even attack type Beyblades need that extra stamina that plastic drivers can give. This is what can make this stadium interesting ; you can’t rely on the traditional competitive meta-game to have good results in this stadium. Performance Tips such as Accel’, Universe, Destroy’, Zone’, Xplosion are some of the options worth experimenting with.

Sliding Shoot

This technique is an advanced one and it can be tricky to perform, it is also mainly designed for attack type combinations. We strongly recommend to master your banking shooting technique before attempting this one.

The sliding shoot is performed by keeping your launcher parallel to the stadium’s angle (just like the banking shot), but then you need to push the launcher forward as you pull the string/ripcord. You start your launch with your elbow bent, and you’ll push your launcher forward by straightening your elbow.

Please practice that technique alone, without anyone in front of you. If performed correctly, your Beyblade will lunge in the arena at high speed and still move in a flower pattern. Do not rush it, depending on the players, it could take weeks or months before you can execute it properly.

We strongly recommend to learn this technique through practice before attempting it against an opponent, you want to make sure you can execute it well and with consistency.

Have fun !

Our wiki pages will highlight competitive parts, but never forget that the most important thing is to have fun. Restricting yourself to the competitive meta can be great for a while, but you will restrict yourself to the use of a very limited amount of parts.

Many players who go to tournaments on a regular basis do not necessarily strictly use meta-game Beyblades. Some players like to bring original combos designed to create intense battles. They know the meta-game, but it doesn’t mean they always stick to it.

If you are mostly playing with friends and family, use our Wiki pages and the resources you can get to have a better knowledge of the different components, and then experiment to keep the game balanced, fair and fun.

This is a great part of the hobby, even young children can have fun while creating combinations of their own. With that being said, we hope this article and our website as a whole will help you ease your way into the limitless universe of Beyblade, and we hope you will enjoy this brilliant game.

With everything it has to offer, you can share great moments and memories with your friends and family. Have fun !

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