Beystadium DB Standard Type

RELEASE DATE : April 24th, 2021

DB standard stadium

Avoid counterfeits ! You can find the authentic Beystadium DB Standard Type by Takara Tomy on BEYBLADE TOYS

Description of the DB Standard Stadium

The DB Standard Type stadium was released with the Dynamite Battle system, and became the new standard arena for tournaments held in Japan.
With the Beyblades getting bigger and heavier over the course of the Beyblade Burst system, Takara Tomy released this stadium to replace the previous standard arena. This new DB stadium is larger than the previous standard arena, giving more space to the new, bigger Beyblade models.

This new stadium is not only a change in size, it is also a major gameplay changer. It features 2 ring-out pockets instead of the previous 3, and it has a large tornado ridge, allowing the Beyblades to spin on the ridge much longer than before. The tornado ridge section is a huge change to the battles flow : the Beyblades will remain on the ridge for extended periods of time, and will then proceed to lunge in the center’s stadium. In fact, more often than not, depending on the combinations, many Beyblades will keep moving this way during a round, zoning on the ridge/lunge/back on the ridge/lunge etc.

A game changer for attack type combinations

This change is huge because it completely disrupts the well-established competitive meta-game in the Beyblade Burst system, more specifically the attack type combinations meta. Previously, in the standard arena, attack type combinations were relying on rubber drivers, Xtreme’ probably being the most popular choice. Rubber drivers allowed very aggressive movement while keeping a flower pattern to hit opponent beys with power and consistency. In the DB Standard Type stadium, the flower pattern (if attempted) will be contained within the limits of the tornado ridge, thus removing tactical and strategical use of an attack combo launched with a banking shot.
Obviously, newcomers will benefit from that gameplay change in two different ways :
1- They don’t necessarily need to master advanced launching techniques to play attack combos
2- They don’t need to collect drivers such as Xtreme’. Xtreme’ and a few other rubber drivers will wear over time, decreasing their aggressiveness. Therefore, competitive players had to collect them to replace worn models.

With the DB stadium, rubber drivers are useless for the most part. This new arena requires more stamina instead, meaning that plastic drivers -previously left aside in the meta-game- are now more than welcome to make an attack combination work.

Are Attack combinations weaker in the DB stadium ?

The short answer is yes, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun to play with. Attack type combinations will suffer from 2 things in the DB stadium : the lack of control over their behavior (explained above), and the limited number of ring-out pockets (2 instead of 3 in the standard arena). Those two factors are pushing a lot of competitive players to use stamina combinations only. Attack type combinations can win, but not with enough consistency to be used by highly-competitive players, who will stick to stamina/spin-stealing combinations.

Nonetheless, the good thing about those changes is that it does break some parts of the meta-game indeed. Therefore, anyone willing to play with attack type combinations will need to be creative, looking for ways to keep heavy hits while maintaining good stamina levels. A whole range of previously unused plastic drivers are now more attractive : drivers such as Destroy’, Xplosion’, Venture, Reboot’ etc. are worth experimenting with in this arena.

Rules can also be changed : in some tournaments, 2 points are awarded to ring-out finishes in the DB stadium. Speaking of ring-out finishes, they are also very different : the increased size of the stadium’s pockets is a great addition. Even the largest models of the DB/BU era will drop easily in those pockets, making refereeing easier. The wider exits also result in less “second chances” : the beyblades will have a harder time bouncing off the pockets.

Is the DB stadium worth it then ?

I have seen tournaments organizers being very reluctant at the idea of switching to the DB stadium, only to change their mind once they saw actual battles in this arena with their own eyes. While this stadium is not perfect, when you watch a battle between DB/BU beys in it you can’t help but think this is a more than welcome breath of fresh air. If you are lucky enough to get in tournaments with players willing to experiment and try new combinations, the DB stadium can be incredibly fun and interesting, even in a competitive environment.

When used in a non-competitive environment, the DB stadium simply looks better for the DB/BU models. Beyblades have more room to move, which prevents nonsensical battles from happening. Since the beys have more space, they won’t hit each other as much, which can also prevent damage on the largest models, which can strike really, really hard and fast in the previous standard arena.

Final thoughts on the DB stadium


  • Gives much needed space for DB/BU beyblades
  • Makes a lot of drivers attractive again
  • The flow of the battles feels like a breath of fresh air
  • Allows and encourages creativity with combinations
  • Clear cut K.O.’s, thanks to the bigger pockets


  • Attack types are not as effective
  • Can feel like luck has a slightly bigger impact in the battles