Burst Beystadium Standard Type

RELEASE DATE : July 18th, 2015

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Description of the Beystadium Standard Type

The Burst Beystadium Standard Type is the most popular arena in the Beyblade Burst generation. Featuring 3 ring-out pockets and a dome to protect players from bursting Beyblades, this stadium proves to be the most competitive available.

The standard stadium doesn’t feature any gimmick, it is just really well balanced, in the sense that it gives a fair chance of winning to any type of combination (attack, defense, stamina, balance).

The only downside to the standard stadium is that it can look and feel too small for the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate Beyblades at times. When using the largest DB/BU attack type combinations, the battles can feel chaotic and a bit nonsensical, the beys bouncing off the walls and the pockets, spending more time flying than spinning. It can also make refereeing difficult, even in a friendly environment.

Nonetheless, it is still the most competitive stadium available, and quite simply the best way to enjoy the Beyblade Burst generation.