Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B

WEIGHT : Approx. 67,8 g
Release Date : March 19th, 2022

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Description of Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B

Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B is a right-spin attack type combination, released with the B-196 Random Booster Vol. 28 as part of the Dynamite Battle system on March 19th, 2022.

While released during the Dynamite Battle system, this Beyblade is actually a Superking Layer model. This means it does not have any Armor, Blade or DB Core, and it is not compatible with High and Low Modes.

The use of Xceed’+Z Performance Tip creates an agressive behavior, resulting in a fast combination featuring decent stamina. This stock combination can have decent performances against other models from the Superking system, but it will struggle against most of the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate Beyblades.

While Xceed’+Z and the Tempest Ring are both very good components, Xceed’+Z is better when combined with an agressive attack type Ring. Tempest is best used in stamina/defense type combinations.

Additionally, it is worth noting that this Beyblade is the only regular release featuring the Xceed’ Driver combined with the “Zone Chip”.

Finally, Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B comes with a red Infinite Shield, an attachment compatible with the Infinite Ring. Therefore, This Demon King recolored Beyblade can be an interesting addition for collectors. Players who obtain this Beyblade as well as Infinite Dragon Zone’+X 1A (which comes with Infinite Sword) can assemble Demon King recolored versions of Infinite Achilles and Tempest Dragon.

Ring : Tempest

Tempest is a right-spin Ring. It has an overall round shape, featuring two small blades and two large blades. Furthermore, this Ring has a gimmick : it can change from “Bound” mode to the “Awakened” mode.

While the “Bound” gimmick does not create significant attack potential, Tempest is a heavy Ring with high stamina potential, making it one of the best Rings from the Superking Layer system.

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Superking Chip : Achilles

Achilles is an average Chip from the Superking Layer system. With no major strengths or weaknesses, it can be used in any type of combinations.

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Chassis : 1B

1B (or 1 Balance) is a Double Chassis, meaning that it does not allow the use of a Forge Disc in the combination. The Forge Disc is integrated to the Double Chassis.

This Chassis is balance oriented, featuring five small blades along its perimeter. The five blades can act as additional contact points, meant to create “continuous hits” and decent stamina potential. In reality, 1B does not create significant attack potential. This Double Chassis works best in stamina/defense type combinations.

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Performance Tip : Xceed’+Z

Xceed’+Z is an attack type Performance Tip, featuring a combination of plastic, metal and rubber. The tip itself is flat and made of rubber, barely protruding from a thin plastic ring, surrounded by the metal disc of the “Z” chip.

This Driver really shines against opposite-spin opponents, keeping a nice flower pattern and ending the battles with good stamina and LAD. It can also be used to counter attack type combinations.

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How to improve Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B

Friendly Use

Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B will be more enjoyable when used with other models from the Superking system.

Players willing to improve this combination can replace the Xceed’+Z Performance Tip with a stamina or a defense type Driver. Options such as Xtend+ or Universe for example will improve overall performances.

Xceed’+Z is a very interesting Driver, which is best used in attack type combinations.

Competitive Use

In the current meta-game, all the components from this combination are outclassed by options from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems. Xceed’+Z is not a highly competitive Performance Tip, but it remains an interesting option with decent speed, stamina and LAD.

However, players willing to improve the performances of this combo for use in a tournament based on the Superking Layer system/era have a strong base with the Tempest Ring. This Ring used to be a top tier component during the Superking system.

Therefore, players can replace the 1B Chassis with 2B or 2A. Then, Xceed’+Z can be replaced with Xtend+, Universe, Zone’ or Zone’+Z. The resulting combo could be Tempest Achilles Xtend+ 2B.

Players can also replace the Achilles Superking Chip with Hyperion 2, Solomon or Diabolos Chips for even better performances.

Final Thoughts on Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B

Tempest Achilles Xceed’+Z 1B is a decent combination, featuring some of the best components from the Superking Layer, such as the Tempest Ring and Xceed’+Z Performance Tip. Unfortunately, all the components featured in this combo are outclassed by other options from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Therefore, this Beyblade is not a must have for competitive players. However, it can be a great addition for collectors playing with Superking models.

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