About Beyblade Wiki

Welcome ! Created in September 2023, Beyblade Wiki is a wiki about the world of Beyblade, created by Beyblade enthusiasts who write guides and detailed articles about all the products from the different generations of Beyblade. This wiki is designed to give a better understanding of this game to as many people as possible, from beginners to experienced players.

New articles are published every week ! Links to the articles can be found in the “List of Products” pages. 

Beyblade X UPDATE 2 ( February 6th, 2024) : Unicorn 5-60GP is online. 

Beyblade X UPDATE (January 17th, 2024) : Both Phoenix Wing 9-60GF and Wyvern Gale 5-80B are online. 

Beyblade Burst UPDATE (February 16th, 2024) : All Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate articles are available. King Helios Karma High Charge’ 1S articles are online, Astral Hello Kitty articles will be available soon.