Xtreme Gear Sports system

Introduced with the Beyblade X generation, the Xtreme Gear Sports system features new rules, a unique stadium design, and Beyblades featuring metal Blades and new Parts.

Xtreme Gear Sports Stadium and Rules

The Xtreme Stadium is the first Stadium released in the generation. It features a square design, the new Xtreme Line (or X-Line), two small ring-out pockets, and one wide exit.

The X-Line and the Xtreme Dash

The “X-Line” (the green line on the picture above) is a set of gears designed to interact with the gears on the Beyblade’s Bits to activate the new “Xtreme Dash” gimmick. This gimmick creates a sudden acceleration of the Beyblade’s movement, while redirecting it toward the center part of the stadium. This results in a powerful attack intended to knock the opponent’s combination in one of the three exit zones.

Exits and Scoring system

All three Stadium exits are located on one side of the stadium. The two smaller corner exits are called “Over Zones” and a 2 pointsOver Finish” occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into these zones. Between the two Over Zones is a wider central exit, called the “Xtreme Zone“. A 3 pointsXtreme Finish” occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into it.

Rules and complete scoring system

  • A 1 pointSpin Finish” occurs when a Beyblade stops spinning before the opposing Beyblade
  • A 2 pointsBurst Finish” occurs when a Beyblade manages to burst the opposing Beyblade.
  • A 2 pointsOver Finish” occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into the “Over Zones”
  • A 3 pointsXtreme Finish” occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into the “Xtreme Zone”

The Beyblades may be sent flying over the stadium’s plastic cover, in this case the rules depend on the tournament and its organizer(s). Some will treat this as an Xtreme finish, some as an Over finish, while others will not allow points and ask for the round to be replayed.

Xtreme Gear Sports Parts

The Beyblades are made of three different Xtreme Gear Sports Parts : the Blade, the Ratchet, and the Bit.

The Blade

The Dran Sword Blade

The inner part of the Blades are made of plastic, and contact points are made of metal, which results in heavy recoil. This makes the blade to blade contact very important in this system, and also allows players to use a specific Blade in completely different combinations.

Furthermore, the Blade has to be chosen depending on what kind of Blade to Blade contact the player is looking for : hitting the opponent hard, repelling opponent’s attacks, mitigate and tank opposing Beyblade hits etc.

The Ratchet

The 3-60 Ratchet

The Ratchet is the middle Part of the combination. It affects the height of the Beyblade, and it plays a role in burst-resistance. The Ratchet is locked on the Blade, and this locking system is more or less tight and strong depending on the model. Ratchets also feature blades along their perimeter, which are acting as weak points : hitting these blades with enough force will result in a burst finish.

Therefore, changing Ratchet will alter the combination’s height, making it hit the opposing Beyblade from a lower or higher stance. Changing this Part will also make the combination slightly easier or harder to burst.

The Bit

The Flat Bit

The Bit is the bottom part of the Beyblade. This Part makes contact with the stadium floor and the X-Line, making it responsible for the behavior and movement patterns of a combination.

The Bit also determines the combination’s burst-resistance. The shaft attaches to the Ratchet, therefore it is the circumference of this shaft that will determine burst-resistance. The thicker the circumference is, the harder it will be for the combination to burst.

Therefore, changing the Bit will alter the behavior and burst-resistance of the Beyblade.

Wear and Tear

Blades, Ratchets, and Bits from the Xtreme Gear Sports system may all experience wear over time. Such wear may alter a Part’s performances. The Blade’s main contact points may become dull, and the Ratchets blades, as well as the gears and tips of the Bits may be damaged.

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