Knight Lance 4-80HN

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,82 g
RELEASE DATE : August 10th, 2023

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Description of Knight Lance 4-80HN

Knight Lance 4-80HN is a defense type combination released as a part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on August 10th, 2023.

Intended to be a defense type stock combination, the three-sided shape of the Knight Lance Blade gives a “counter” style to the combo.


High Needle being slightly more agile than its predecessor Needle, this stock combination is semi-stationary, making it fairly easy to control. When hard launched, this Beyblade will move in small circles before steadying itself in the center area of the stadium.

The low friction of High Needle can result in the combination flying in the stadium walls if the player makes a mistake during launch, or if it is struck too early in the battle. This makes the combination a bit more unpredictable and slightly harder to control than the Knight Shield 3-80N stock combo.


The recoil of the Knight Lance Blade, combined with its decent stamina potential can make this combination work against any other combination type, albeit without high consistency. The Bit having great stamina potential, this stock combo can counter and out-spin attack types Beyblades. The semi-aggressive design of the Blade can also create lucky hits against stamina combos, making this Beyblade relatively versatile.

However, the tall height of the 4-80 Ratchet combined with the design of High Needle result in Knight Lance 4-80HN having poor burst-resistance. Furthermore, the low friction of the Bit and its propensity to tilt over can result in sudden knock-outs and make this Beyblade easy to destabilize.

Overall, Knight Lance 4-80HN works as intended, proving to be a good “counter” type combination. It is a fairly versatile combination due to the high stamina potential of High Needle and the balanced attributes of the Blade.

How to Improve Knight Lance 4-80HN

High Needle is a top tier Part featuring great stamina potential. For example, this component can be used to great effect with the Wizard Arrow Blade and the 3-60 Ratchet, resulting in a strong semi-stationary stamina combination.

Furthermore, Takara Tomy actually made a great combo suggestion based on this Booster. First of all, the 4-80 Ratchet needs to be replaced with 3-60, which lines up well with the Blade three-sided design. The lower height also mitigates burst resistance issues.

Then, Takara Tomy suggested to replace High Needle with Ball. The use of this Bit makes the combination semi-mobile, moving in wider circles than High Needle. This extra mobility seem to make the most of the Knight Lance Blade attributes.

Final Thoughts

Featuring a Blade with balanced attributes and a Bit with high stamina potential, Knight Lance 4-80HN is a good stock combination with at least one top tier Xtreme Gear Sports Part. High Needle is one of the best Parts available, and the combination suggested by Takara Tomy has great results, even in competitive environments. A must have.

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