High Needle (Bit)

HEIGHT : 31 mm
WEIGHT : Approx. 2,2 g
RELEASE DATE : August 10th, 2023

High Needle Stats (Official)

AttackDefenseStaminaDashBurst Resistance

Description of High Needle

First released in the BX-13 Knight Lance 4-80HN Booster as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system, High Needle (or HN) is a defense type Bit.

High Needle is a pointy Bit, featuring sharp cone-shaped tip. The shaft does not have any widened part, resulting in poor burst resistance. As its name suggests, this Bit is a high variant of Needle, being 1,5mm taller. When launched with force, the shape of the tip creates more movement than its predecessor, but it remains easier to control than the Ball Bit. Therefore, “HN” creates a semi-stationary behavior, allowing the combination to dodge early hits in the first seconds of the battle. “HN” will quickly stabilize itself in the center part of the Xtreme Stadium.

Furthermore, “HN” has great stamina potential, outclassing its predecessor, Needle. Intended to be a defense type Bit because of its fairly docile behavior, it actually features the highest stamina potential in the Beyblade X generation.

However, the very low contact surface and friction of the tip typically result in the combination tilting over and wobbling fairly quickly, creating a scraping risk, and decreasing stamina potential significantly. Due to the conical and sharp shape of the tip, it will be more difficult for the combination to re-stabilize itself, compared to Bits such as Ball.

Those factors make the combination easier to destabilize and knock-out. Unfortunately, luck is an important factor : depending on the environment, this Bit can remain steady and repel the opponent’s attacks, but it also can be sent flying in the stadium walls and pockets.

In a competitive environment, “HN” is used with a good variety of Blades, such as Wizard Arrow, Knight Shield or the attack oriented Dran Sword.

Final Thoughts

Intended to be a defense type Bit because of its controllable behavior, in reality High Needle has all the attributes of a great traditional stamina tip. However, its innate weaknesses, such as its tendency to tilt over and destabilize can make it a riskier option than Ball.

High Needle is a must have in any player’s collection.

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