Random Booster Viper Tail Select

RELEASE DATE : October 7th, 2023

Random Booster Viper Tail Select

Avoid counterfeits ! You can find the authentic Random Booster Viper Tail Select by Takara Tomy on BEYBLADE TOYS

A random booster contains one Beyblade from an assortment of 3 to 6 models. One or two models are “prize” Beyblades, being the most difficult to find.

Released on October 7th, 2023 as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system, the BX-16 Random Booster Viper Tail Select is a new type of Random Booster, featuring three Beyblades, all coming with the same brand new Viper Tail Blade. Viper Tail 5-80O is the “Prize”, but it isn’t more difficult to find thanks to the new “Select” format : there is an equal chance of pulling any of the three Beyblades from this Random Booster.

This Booster features three new Xtreme Gear Sports Parts : the Viper Tail Blade, the 5-80 Ratchet and the Orb (O) Bit.

Each individual booster containsĀ one of the following Beyblades :


Viper Tail 5-80O
01 : Viper Tail 5-80O
Viper Tail 4-60F
02 : Viper Tail 4-60F
Viper Tail 3-80HN
03 : Viper Tail 3-80HN