Viper Tail (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 34,4 g
RELEASE DATE : October 7th, 2023

Viper Tail Stats (Official)


Description of Viper Tail

First released in the BX-16 Random Booster Viper Tail Select as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on October 7th, 2023, Viper Tail is a right-spin Blade featuring an hexagonal shape.

This Blade has six contact points featuring two different designs. Three longer sections are fairly smooth, while the three shorter sections are more agressive. The center part of the Blade features a viper head.

This design and the recoil of the Blade result in inconsistent and unpredictable performances. While the Viper Tail Blade can strike the opposing combination hard, it can also be pushed back in the process as well. Moreover, depending on the opponent’s combo, it may gently hit the opposing Beyblade for extended periods of time, but it may also suddenly repel it with force. This could be explained by the design of Viper Tail’s contact points, with the smooth sections resulting in gentle hits and the shorter aggressive sections creating powerful attacks.


Therefore, Viper Tail can have surprising results when facing high recoil Blades, such as Hells Scythe. It is capable of deflecting a few strikes, as well as inflicting very powerful attacks, using the opposing Blade’s recoil against it. However, as mentioned above, it remains a risky option, due to its occasional tendency to be pushed back in the process. Furthermore, when facing Blades featuring low recoil and high stamina such as Wizard Arrow, Viper Tail tends to lose by Spin Finish.

Therefore, while this Blade is intended to be stamina oriented, its stamina potential appears to be average. However, its heavy weight and aggressive sections can create powerful attacks, albeit not with consistency, making Dran Sword and Shark Edge better options in pure attack combinations. So far, counter attack seem to be Viper Tail real strength, making it a potential option in counter attack/balance type combinations.

Furthermore, unlike other Blades from the Xtreme Gear Sports system, the contact points of the Blade are raised and facing upward. This design results in an increased destabilization risk, since opposing Beyblades can make contact with the plastic frame located just below the Blade. Moreover, the combination using the Viper Tail Blade can even be lifted when such contacts occur. This will not happen every round, but it happens often enough to see it happening at least once per battle.

Final Thoughts

Viper Tail is a relatively heavy Blade, featuring an interesting design. It is capable of challenging strong Blades from the Xtreme Gear Sports system, but it suffers from its unpredictability and a lack of consistency. Experimenting with this Blade as an attack/counter attack option instead of a stamina one may lead to interesting results.

Therefore, while Viper Tail is not necessarily a must have for competitive players, it can be a nice addition in any Beyblade X collection.

List of Beyblade X Products

You can find the Viper Tail Blade in the following products :


Viper Tail 5-60F
Blue Ver. (BX-24-04)

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