Sphynx Cowl 9-80GN

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,65 g
Release Date : February 22nd, 2024

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Description of Sphynx Cowl 9-80GN

Released with the BX-27 Random Booster Sphynx Cowl Select as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports Basic Line system on February 22nd, 2024, Sphynx Cowl 9-80GN is a right-spin defense type combination.

This Beyblade is intended to be defense oriented, remaining steady in the center area of the stadium. In reality, the Gear Needle Bit creates a stationary behavior, but the unbalanced weight distribution of the Sphynx Cowl can result in erratic movements, especially when hard launched.

Furthermore, this Blade does not mitigate opposing Beyblade attacks, its rugged design resulting in high recoil. Additionally, the fairly tall 9-80 Ratchet makes the combination easier to strike from below. Therefore, this stock combo is easy to destabilize, and is prone to Burst Finishes.

In spite of its stationary behavior, the Blade can create powerful attacks/counter attacks, resulting in many multiple points finishes : Over Finish, Xtreme Finish, Burst Finish. Unfortunately, this Beyblade also suffers from its own recoil, meaning it also has a high risk of being knocked-out in the Over and Xtreme Zones. Combined with its high burst risk, this stock combo performances are very inconsistent.

The recoil of the Blade creates chaotic battles, resulting in a feeling of randomness.

How to Improve Sphynx Cowl 9-80GN

This stock combination may be improved by replacing the 9-80 Ratchet. The “80” height (8 mm) makes the combination easier to strike from below, increasing burst risk. Replacing 9-80 with 5-60 will not only lower the combination height ; it will also help to mitigate the unbalanced weight distribution of the Sphynx Cowl Blade.

The Blade lack of balance makes the use of pointy Bits such as Needle, Gear Needle, High Needle, and Spike risky, since the combination will be easy to destabilize.

Therefore, players may want to experiment with Bits such as Orb, Ball, Gear Ball or Gear Point instead to increase the contact surface and make the combination more stable.

Gear Needle can be used in balanced stationary combinations, with its extended Gearscreating decent LAD potential.

The 9-80 Ratchet can be used in attack oriented combinations, with attack type or balance type Bits featuring a wider shaft, resulting in increased burst resistance.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features three new Parts, offering players new options and alternatives.

While the Sphynx Cowl Blade has inconsistent performances, it guarantees spectacular battles. Furthermore, the 9-80 Ratchet and Gear Needle Bit are worth experimenting with.

Therefore, Sphynx Cowl 9-80 is not necessarily a must have for competitive players. However, it can be a nice addition for collectors.

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