Gear Point (Bit)

TIP WIDTH : 7 mm
HEIGHT : 29,6 mm
WEIGHT : Approx. 2,27 g
Release Date : January 27th, 2024

Gear Point Stats (Official)

AttackDefenseStaminaDashBurst Resistance

Description of Gear Point

First released in the BX-26 Booster Unicorn Sting 5-60GP as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on January 27th, 2024, Gear Point (or GP) is a balance type Bit. It is the “Gear” variant of Point (P). A “Gear” variant means that the Bit feature extended Gears, completely covering the tip itself.

“GP” features a small ball-shaped plastic tip barely protruding from a thin, flat plastic ring. The shaft of this Bit features a wider part, increasing burst-resistance.

This design is intended to give a real balance identity to the Bit, allowing the player to choose how the combination will behave depending on the launching technique used.

A flat launch will result in the Beyblade landing on the inner part of the Bit, the small ball-shaped tip, creating a fairly stationary behavior. The combination will spin in the center area of the stadium, similarly to a stamina/defense Bit. If launched at an angle, the combination will land on the outer part of the Bit, the flat ring, resulting in a far more aggressive behavior, moving with speed and able to ride the X-Line and perform the Xtreme Dash with high velocity.

Therefore, “GP” is a highly versatile Bit, capable of being stable and safe as well as mobile and aggressive. This offers a real opportunity to choose and switch tactics when needed, making Gear Point a real balance type Bit, albeit very different from Taper.

While Taper has balanced attributes, featuring mobility and decent stamina, “GP” offers different behaviors and tactics. However, since launching technique is what determines behavior, Point is also a highly demanding Bit, requiring practice and skills to make it effective. Positioning, launch angle and power are crucial when using this Bit since it will define the player’s strategy.

Gear Point Control and Stability

Compared to its predecessor Point, Gear Point is slightly easier to control, and it has better stamina potential.

The extended Gears on “GP” are barely protruding from the tip, making the combination more stable with minimal levels of friction. With Point, a hard launch or the combination being struck could often result in a sudden acceleration, thus making conservative tactics difficult to achieve. The increased stability provided by the extended Gears allow Gear Point to remain in the central area of the stadium more easily. Furthermore, the Gear Point combo can tilt over slightly without necessarily accelerating suddenly, something Point could not do as often.

The increased stability of “GP” creates higher “pure” stamina potential than Point. However, if the Gear Point combination is pushed back on the X-Line, the extended Gears will also make it easier to perform the Xtreme Dash with speed, draining stamina in the process.

It is worth noting that “GP” stamina potential remains inferior to a specialized option such as Ball, even in testing conditions (with no opposing Beyblade in the stadium).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Bit proves to be a more controllable option than its predecessor, Point. This Gear Variant also features better stamina potential, making it a potential alternative in balance type combinations.

Being versatile and overall more predictable than its predecessor, Gear Point is not as skill intensive as Point, making it a safer option for competitive players.

Therefore, Gear Point is a strong addition in any Beyblade X collection.

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