Unicorn Sting 5-60GP

WEIGHT : Approx. 42 g
Release Date : January 27th, 2024

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Description of Unicorn Sting 5-60GP

The BX-26 Booster Unicorn Sting 5-60GP is a right-spin balance type combination, released as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on January 27th, 2024.

The gimmick of this Beyblade could be translated as “Double Style” or “Double Type” in english, with the Gear Point Bit and the Unicorn Sting Blade designed to create equal attack and defense potential.

Gear Point allows players to choose aggressive or conservative tactics depending on their launching technique and positioning.

The Unicorn Sting Blade features two designs : a smooth half (creating defense potential) and a rugged half, meant to create attack potential.

In reality, the result is a stock combination with high stamina potential, capable of repelling opposing Beyblades with force from a stationary position. Therefore, the “double type” gimmick makes the combination behave like a defense/counter attack oriented balance type, due to its well-rounded attributes.


The stock combo is capable of great results, even against competitive combinations such as the popular Hells Scythe 3-60B. Unicorn Sting 5-60GP is able to use the opposing Beyblade Recoil against it, while maintaining high stamina potential. The 5-60 Ratchet plays a crucial role since it provides balance to the combo, keeping it steady and stable once it spins in the center area of the stadium. Overall, 5-60 creates synergy with the Unicorn Sting Blade, resulting in increased stamina potential.

The Gear Point Bit features a unique design meant to make it easier for the combo to ride the X-Line, and also increase the Xtreme Dash speed and power. The extended gears of Gear Point are barely protruding from the tip, which slightly improves the combination stability. While this Beyblade can deliver decent Xtreme Dash attacks, it doesn’t have the attack potential of true attack type combinations.

However, this stock combination has decent K.O. potential when it spins at high velocity from a stationary position. It has a tendency to create “Over-Finishes” with consistency, repelling the attacking Beyblade in the “Over Zones”. Furthermore, it can inflict damage and burst stationary combos such as Wizard Arrow 3-60HN with consistency as well.

Additionally, this Beyblade can have decent results against attack type combinations, but battles against defense type combos are more difficult. Combinations using Blades such as Knight Shield or Knight Lance or Hells Chain can dominate this stock combo with consistency.

How to Improve Unicorn Sting 5-60GP

As mentioned above, players willing to use Unicorn Sting in stationary combinations can keep the 5-60 Ratchet, which provides balance and stamina. Options such as 3-60 and 4-60 or 9-60 can be used, but the resulting behavior will be more erratic. Therefore, these Ratchets can be recommended if players want to use Unicorn Sting in mobile combinations.

Furthermore, while Gear Point is an interesting Bit, Ball improves the combination performances in a wide variety of match-ups. The only downside to the use of Ball in this combination is the increased burst risk. The Unicorn Sting 5-60B combo can have decent results against some of the best Blades available, such as Hells Scythe and Phoenix Wing. This combo can also dominate defense type Blades such as Knight Shield or Knight Lance.

If players want to save Ball for another combo in their deck, then Gear Ball can be a decent alternative.

The Unicorn Sting Blade can also be used in counter-attack combinations, similarly to Knight Shield. Therefore, it can be combined with Ratchets such as 9-60, 3-60 or 4-60 and the Taper Bit. This Bit allows the combination to chase the opposing Beyblade while maintaining decent stamina potential.

Takara Tomy Suggested Combo

Takara Tomy recommends the Unicorn Sting 4-60S combination. This is a decent stationary combo, but the Spike Bit is prone to severe wear and tear. Therefore, while this can be an interesting choice, performances can vary heavily depending on Spike condition.

Final Thoughts

This Beyblade offers competitive players an additional Blade capable of dominating the very popular Hells Scythe Blade. Furthermore, Unicorn Sting is also capable of challenging Phoenix Wing, the best attack type Blade available.

Gear Point is a very interesting addition, proving to be slightly more controllable than its predecessor Point.

Therefore, Unicorn Sting 5-60GP is a must have in any Beyblade X collection.

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