Gear Ball (Bit)

HEIGHT : 29.8 mm
WEIGHT : Approx. 2,06 g
Release Date : December 27th, 2023

Gear Ball Stats (Official)

AttackDefenseStaminaDashBurst Resistance

Description of Gear Ball

First released with the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on December 27th, 2023, Gear Ball (or GB) is a stamina type Bit. It is the “Gear” variant of Ball (B). A “Gear” variant means that the Bit feature extended Gears, covering most part of the tip itself.

“GB”, like Ball, has a smooth circular tip. The shape of the tip results in controllable circular movement patterns, giving the combination a chance to dodge early strikes. The circles are wide enough to create dodge and/or counter chances, while keeping the combination in the center area of the stadium. However, similarly to Ball, a combination using “GB” may move outside of the center area and ride the X-Line when hard launched. Gear Ball has high stamina potential, similar to Ball.

Furthermore, when launched at an angle, the extended Gears of “GB” can make contact with the stadium floor and create movements that are slightly more agressive than Ball. Most of the time, the extended Gears will help the combination to stabilize itself, instead of maintaining an agressive movement pattern.

However, depending on the Blade used, the extended Gears can also result in an erratic behavior when the combination is tilting over, creating short and sudden accelerations.

Additionally, the extended Gears of “GB” make it easier for the combo to ride the X-Line, and also increase the Xtreme Dash speed and power. This sudden acceleration increases self Knock-Out and burst risk.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, Gear Ball is a strong alternative to the popular Ball Bit, which can be used when a more powerful Xtreme Dash is needed.

Due to the increased speed of the Xtreme Dash, “GB” is slightly more risky than Ball. However, it remains a controllable Bit with high stamina potential, making it a safe option in the current meta-game.

Gear Ball is a must have in any Beyblade X collection.

List of Beyblade X Products

You can find the Gear Ball Bit in the following products :

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