Wyvern Gale (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 32,15 g
Release Date : December 27th, 2023

Wyvern Gale Stats (Official)


Description of Wyvern Gale

First released with the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on December 27th, 2023, Wyvern Gale is a right-spin stamina type Blade.

This Blade has a circular shape and a smooth perimeter, featuring four contact points. Each contact point has a fairly large gap, meant to increase stamina potential by redirecting the air flow. The center part of the Blade, the Gear Chip, features the drawing of a wyvern.

In reality, the gaps on the Blade result in an improved weight distribution, which does increase stamina potential. When launched with no opposing Beyblade in the stadium for testing purposes, Wyvern Gale can spin longer than Hells Scythe, one of the best stamina Blades in the Xtreme Gear Sports system.

However, Wyvern Gale has several innate weaknesses. First of all, the Blade is light compared to other available options, being slightly heavier than Leon Claw and Wizard Arrow. Moreover, the large gaps can create Recoil, which means that this Blade can be suddenly repelled with high velocity.

Furthermore, similarly to Viper Tail, the contact points are raised, exposing its plastic frame and the Ratchet. Therefore, the combo will often be lifted by opposing Beyblades, resulting in the combination being easily destabilized. Combined with its lack of weight, these weaknesses result in the combination being easily knocked-out by heavier Blades.

Additionally, while the smooth shape of the contact points can mitigate a few strikes, it tends to be dominated by attack Blades such as Dran Sword or Shark Edge, as well as Phoenix Wing.

When facing a top tier stamina Blade such as Hells Scythe, Wyvern Gale can get a few lucky knock-outs with a bit of luck, due to Hells Scythe high recoil. Overall, Wyvern Gale will be dominated in this match-up as well.

The overall design and lack of weight of this Blade create poor defense potential, resulting in a high risk of burst and knock-outs. Therefore, this Blade is at its best when used against other stamina/defense Blades, such as Wizard Arrow.

Suggested combinations

This Blade is best used in stamina/defense type combinations. Furthermore, keeping the combination at a low height may improve performances due to the raised contact points and the resulting exposed plastic frame. Therefore, 3-60 and 4-60 can be good Ratchet options, as well as 5-60 in stationary combos. If these options are not available, or if burst-resistance remains an issue, then 3-80 can be experimented with.

Additionally, while Ball and Gear Ball are both top tier stamina Bits, their semi-mobile behavior may be risky when combined to this Blade, depending on the opposing Beyblade. Therefore, a more docile, stationary behavior may be a safer choice. The Orb Bit creates a stationary behavior while remaining fairly stable, due the round shape of Orb‘s tip. Bits such as Needle, High Needle or Spike are good alternatives, but the Blade’s propensity to be destabilized can be increased with these options.

Final Thoughts

Wyvern Gale has high stamina potential, but its innate weakness are holding its overall performances back. This Blade is too light to compete with the best Blades from the Xtreme Gear Sports system.

However, it is capable of decent results in stamina/defense match-ups against Blades such as Viper Tail, Wizard Arrow, Rhino Horn etc.

Therefore, while this Blade cannot be considered as a must have, it is a nice addition in any Beyblade X collection.

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