Spike (Bit)

HEIGHT : 29,7 mm
WEIGHT : Approx. 1,95 g
RELEASE DATE : November 2nd, 2023

Spike Stats (Official)

AttackDefenseStaminaDashBurst Resistance

Description of Spike

First released in the BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S Booster as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Spike (or S) is a defense type Bit.

“S” features a small, sharp cone-shaped plastic tip. Similarly to the release of Orb (O), a small variant of the Ball (B) Bit, Spike appears to be a small variant of the Needle (N) and High Needle (HN) Bits. Compared to High Needle, “S” conical tip is much smaller. This Bit features high pure stamina potential, comparable to High Needle and Ball.

Similarly to Needle, “S” is also easy to control, remaining in the center area of the stadium even when hard launched. However, the very low levels of friction of the tip can result in the combination slipping on the stadium floor if launch isn’t stable. This docile behavior allows players to launch the combination with force and confidence, and keeps the combination predictable, making “S” a relatively safe option in that regard. However, the lack of mobility can also make the combination easier to strike early in the battle.

Combinations using High Needle have a tendency to spin on the low angle cone instead of the tip when destabilized and tilting over, keeping the combination tilted. The smaller size of Spike also prevents this from happening, the cone being too small to allow such occurrence.

While “S” has high stamina potential due to its small, sharp tip, the very small contact surface between the Bit and the stadium floor creates less friction, significantly increasing knock-out risk.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Spike is an interesting Bit featuring high stamina potential, offering players another safe, controllable Bit to experiment with. Having a behavior similar to Needle, it could find use in stationary combinations, providing high stamina at the cost of a poor knock-out resistance.

However, the small pointy shape of Spike is prone to wear and tear. The tip can be easily damaged and severely deformed. Therefore, players interested by this Bit may have to keep several copies at their disposal.

List of Beyblade X Products

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