Wyvern Gale 5-80GB

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,35 g
Release Date : December 27th, 2023

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Description of Wyvern Gale 5-80GB

Wyvern Gale 5-80GB is a right-spin stamina type combination, released with BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on December 27th, 2023. It is the Prize Beyblade from this Random Booster, making it more difficult to obtain.

The gimmick of this Beyblade could be translated as “Smooth Spin” in english, with the Gear Ball Bit and the Wyvern Gale Blade designed to keep the combination stable and create high stamina potential. In reality, the Blade has a smooth shape and high stamina potential, but it lacks weight compared to the other releases of the Xtreme Gear Sports system.

The Gear Ball Bit is another new Xtreme Gear Sport Part, featuring a unique design meant to make it easier for the combo to ride the X-Line, and also increase the Xtreme Dash speed and power. The extended gears on the Bit can help the combo to keep its posture as intended, but it can also slightly increase the movements aggressiveness.

Furthermore, the Blade contact points are raised, exposing its plastic frame and the Ratchet. Sitting at a fairly tall height because of the 5-80 Ratchet, the combination will often be struck from below. Therefore, due to the raised contact points and the exposed plastic frame, the combo will often be lifted by opposing Beyblades.

The result is a combination that has high stamina potential and overall low recoil due to the smooth perimeter of the Blade. However, the Wyvern Gale Blade light weight and overall design create poor defense potential. This stock combination can be easily knocked-out, and it can burst quite often as well.

This stock combination cannot be considered as strong, despite its high stamina potential. However, it can have average to decent performances when playing against other stock combinations from the anime.

How to Improve Wyvern Gale 5-80GB

Wyvern Gale 5-80GB can be difficult to improve because of the innate weaknesses of the Blade. The raised contact points make the Ratchet choice difficult, often leaving one Ratchet blade exposed. Therefore, 9-60 can be used instead of 5-80, increasing burst resistance while maintaining high stamina potential.

Ratchets such as 3-60 and 4-60 or 5-60 can also be used in stationary combinations to keep the combination at a lower height, making the plastic frame of the Blade less exposed. If these options are not available, then 3-80 can be used instead, this Ratchet providing a strong lock. The combo will sit at a tall height, but the limited number of blades on 3-60 make this Ratchet less exposed.

Since the Blade has high stamina and low recoil, using it in a stationary combination can work, depending on the opposing Beyblade. While Gear Ball is a good Bit with high stamina potential, the accelerations created by the Xtreme Dash will often cause the Wyvern Gale combo to be destabilized. Therefore, players can try to replace Gear Ball with Orb.

Bits such as Needle, High Needle or Spike are good alternatives, but the Blade’s propensity to be destabilized can be increased with these options. Orb provides a stationary behavior while keeping the combination fairly stable due to its round tip, although it tends to have less stamina than the aforementioned Bits.

A combo such as Wyvern Gale 4-60O (Four Sixty Orb) is not top-tier, but it can be used with some degree of success against other stamina/defense oriented combos, featuring Blades such as Wizard Arrow, Rhino Horn etc.

Final Thoughts

This Beyblade has real potential, but its performances are held back by the light weight of the Blade. However, Gear Ball is an interesting Xtreme Gear Sports Part, offering players an alternative to the strong Ball Bit.

Players who are not focused on the competitive meta-game may enjoy this stock combination. It is decent enough to be used with other non-competitive combos.

Since Gear Ball can be obtained with other Beyblades from Random Booster Vol. 2, Wyvern Gale 5-80GB is not a must have, but it can be a nice addition to any Beyblade X collection.

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