5-60 (Ratchet)

WEIGHT : Approx. 6,6 g
Release Date : October 7th, 2023

5-60 Stats (Official)


Description of 5-60 Ratchet

First released in the BX-15 Leon Claw 5-60P Starter as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on October 7th, 2023, 5-60 (or Five Sixty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation.

The number “5” refers to the number of blades along the Ratchet’s perimeter, so 5-60 has five blades. In Beyblade X, Ratchets blades are acting as weak points for burst attacks, therefore players have to make sure the blades of the ratchet are not too exposed.

Additionally, while 5-60 features more blades than 4-60, their contact surface is also wider : 8 mm for 5-60 blades against 4 mm for 4-60 blades. So far, nothing indicates that the increased width and number of blades along 5-60 perimeter are increasing stamina potential. In fact, this Ratchet tends to have a negative impact on stamina potential when used with stamina Bits such as Ball.

The following is a provisional note, further testing and more players feedback are required to confirm this hypothesis :

Depending on the Blade used, the 5-60 Ratchet can decrease stamina potential. Ratchet decreases precession (in simple words the ability of a Beyblade to keep spinning), which results in decreased stamina potential.

Nonetheless, it tends to improve performances of stationary combinations using pointy Bits such as Needle or High Needle or Spike preventing the Beyblade to wobble and tilt over too early in battle. Therefore, the use of 5-60 in such combo increases stability and stamina potential. However, the five wide blades along 5-60 perimeter can create an increased risk of bursting.

Furthermore, 5-60 can improve a combination stamina potential when an unbalanced Blade is used. Both 5-60 and 5-80 Ratchets are used to add balance and stability to a combination.

Update (January 2024) : Reports from tournaments are confirming this theory. 5-60 is becoming a popular choice in stationary combinations. It is used to increase the combination’s balance.

5-60 Ratchet Height

The number “60” refers to the Ratchet height, which in this case is 6 mm. This height is considered as “low”, meaning that this Ratchet can be used to more easily strike opponents from below. Furthermore, the “60” height Ratchets have weaker locks than the “80” height Ratchets. However, the lower Ratchet being harder to strike, the lower height slightly mitigates this issue.

For competitive players willing to avoid “80” Ratchets, 5-60 can be an interesting addition to their deck, allowing them to use three different “60” Ratchets (3-60, 4-60 and 5-60).

List of Beyblade X Products

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