Hells Chain (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 33,25 g
RELEASE DATE : November 2nd, 2023

Hells Chain Stats (Official)


Description of Hells Chain

First released in the BX-21 Hells Chain Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Hells Chain is a right-spin balance type Blade.

This Blade features a five-sided shape, creating five main contact points. Each contact point has two sections, the shorter sections each featuring a small gap. The center part of the Blade features a red horned skull.

Hells Chain Gimmick and Design

The two sections on each contact point are the “gimmick” of the Blade : the longer, lower sections are designed to allow the combination to attack from a taller height. The shorter sections are aggressive and angled upward, which is meant to allow the combination to strike from a lower height.

In reality, similarly to the Viper Tail Blade, the contact points of this Blade are slightly raised and facing upward, and the lower sections of the contact points are relatively thin, compared to Hells Scythe blades for example. This design results in an increased destabilization risk : due to the width of Hells Chain, it is easier for opposing Beyblades to strike the Blade itself from below. Moreover, this design also seem to leave Ratchets more exposed.

However, the shorter angled sections can indeed strike from below, which can result in the opposing Beyblade being destabilized or lifted.


The overall design of the Blade creates more mobility, making the use of a Bit like Ball a bit more unpredictable when launched with force. Ball usually creates wide circles in the center area of the stadium, but Hells Chain increased mobility may result in the combination riding the X-Line, which can be risky or rewarding, depending on what the player strategy is. Additionally, this Blade has a tendency to wobble and tilt over early when combined to Bits such as Needle or High Needle.

However, as explained in the complete 5-60 article, this Ratchet can mitigate this issue, increasing stability and stamina potential when combined to pointy Bits such as Needle. Therefore, Hells Chain can benefit from the balance provided by 5-60 in stationary combinations using Bits such as Needle, High Needle or Spike.

Defense Potential

Compared to its predecessor Hells Scythe, this Blade has less Stamina and less recoil. Nonetheless, it still has balanced attributes, featuring decent stamina and attack potential, and especially good defense potential. While the recoil-laden nature of Hells Scythe can be exploited as a weakness by strong, mobile attack type combinations, Hells Chain lower recoil tends to be more challenging for such combos.

Therefore, Hells Chain can have very good results when combined to defense type Bits, such as Needle, High Needle, Spike or Orb as an alternative stationary option. If possible, players should prioritize Needle, Spike or Orb to keep the combo as low as possible. As mentioned above, when used in such stationary combinations, 5-60 prevents the combo from wobbling and tilting over, improving performances.

While this Blade will not guarantee a win against mobile attack Beyblades, it can mitigate, repel and deflect opposing Beyblades attacks with regularity. It is worth noting that luck can be an important factor : depending on how and when recoil happens, Hells Chain can be knocked-out in the process of attacking/countering an attack type combo with force.

Furthermore, the Blade’s balanced attributes can make it a good option against low-recoil Blades such as Wizard Arrow, featuring enough attack potential to destabilize and knock-out combos such as Wizard Arrow 4-60HN.

However, while this Blade can be used as a defense oriented tool in stationary combinations to counter mobile attack type combinations, it can struggle against other stationary combos using Blades such as Shark Edge or Viper Tail for example. Both seem to easily strike Hells Chain from below and destabilize it.

Final Thoughts

Hells Chain is a heavier than its predecessor, and it has enough qualities to challenge many top-tier combinations. Instead of being an upgrade to its predecessor Hells Scythe, it comes as a more defense oriented balance type Blade.

Unfortunately, the thin perimeter of this Blade can be exploited by opposing Beyblade to strike its underside and/or the Ratchet used. Thus, it is important to keep the combination as low as possible to mitigate this weakness.

Therefore, Hells Chain is a great addition in any Beyblade collection.

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Hells Chain Blade
BX-21 Ver.

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