Viper Tail 3-80HN

WEIGHT : Approx. 43,68 g
RELEASE DATE : October 7th, 2023

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Description of Viper Tail 3-80HN

Released with the BX-16 Random Booster Viper Tail Select as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on October 7th, 2023, Viper Tail 3-80HN is a right-spin defense type combination. Thanks to the new “Select” format, there is an equal chance of pulling any of the three Beyblades from this Random Booster.

This stock combination can be considered as an alternative to the Prize model from this Random Booster . While it does not feature the new Orb Bit and 5-80 Ratchet, this Beyblade behaves similarly to Viper Tail 5-80O. High Needle, like Orb, features high stamina potential and creates a stationary behavior, keeping the combination in the center area of the stadium.

Blade : Viper Tail

Viper Tail is a right-spin Blade featuring an hexagonal shape. This Blade has six contact points featuring two different designs. Three longer sections are fairly smooth, while the three shorter sections are more agressive. The center part of the Blade features a viper head.

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Ratchet : 3-80

3-80 (or Three Eighty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation. This Ratchet features three “blades” along its perimeter, and it is 8 mm tall. Its tall height makes it easier to strike from below, increasing burst risk. Therefore, it usually is a preferred option in attack type combinations.

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Bit : High Needle (HN)

High Needle is a defense type Bit, featuring a sharp cone-shaped tip. As its name suggests, this Bit is a high variant of Needle. “HN” creates a semi-stationary behavior, allowing the combination to dodge early hits in the first seconds of the battle. It will quickly stabilize itself in the center part of the Xtreme Stadium.

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How to Improve Viper Tail

The semi-stationary behavior of High Needle combined with Viper Tail results in a decent combination. However, 3-80 may be replaced, since the exposed plastic frame of the Blade may become even easier to strike at a taller height. Therefore, 3-60 and 4-60 Ratchets can be used instead, slightly mitigating this issue.

Additionally, players who want a stationary behavior may replace High Needle with its low variant Needle. High Needle has a better stamina potential, but Needle behavior is even more predictable, making it relatively similar to Orb.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features interesting Parts, including the new Viper Tail Blade. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for players to get an additional copy of the 3-80 Ratchet and High Needle Bit.

Therefore, Viper Tail 3-80HN is a nice addition in any Beyblade collection.

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