Astral Hello Kitty Over Revolve’-0

WEIGHT : Approx. 72,4 g
Release Date : September 17th, 2022

Avoid counterfeits ! The authentic Astral Hello Kitty Over Revolve’-0 by Takara Tomy is on Beyblade Toys

Description of Astral Hello Kitty Over Revolve’-0

Astral Hello Kitty Over Revolve’-0 is a dual-spin stamina type combination, released as a Booster as part of the Burst Ultimate system on September 17th, 2022.

This Beyblade comes with decent components, such as the Astral Blade and the highly competitive Over Forge Disc and “0” Armor. Furthermore, the Over Forge Disc comes with a gold colored coat of paint, slightly increasing its weight.

This Booster also introduced the Revolve’ Performance Tip, which allows the combination to behave like a traditional stamina type Beyblade.

This stock combination can have decent results when used against other non-optimized combos, due to its good stamina potential. Moreover, this Beyblade is dual-spin, allowing it to counter opposing Beyblades by switching spin-direction.

Blade : Astral

Astral is a dual-spin Blade featuring a four blades design. This Blade has high stamina and decent spin-equalizing potential, especially in left-spin mode.

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DB Core : Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a dual-spin DB Core, it can be used in right-spin and left-spin combinations. Hello Kitty is always sold with the tool required to change spin direction.

This DB Core has average burst resistance and stamina potential, making it outclassed by the Achilles and Spriggan 2 DB cores, both being dual-spin as well.

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Forge Disc : Over

Over is a Forge Disc featuring a perfectly round shape and a smooth perimeter. It is also one of the heaviest Forge Discs in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Due do its circular shape, Over has great OWD (Outward Weight Distribution), which is a great attribute for stamina performance.

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Performance Tip : Revolve’

Revolve’ is a stamina type Performance Tip. It features a small, sharp plastic tip surrounded by a free-spinning disc.

The sharp tip creates low friction, resulting in high stamina potential and increased burst resistance. The free-spinning ring prevents the combination from being destabilized, increasing defense potential.

Revolve’ is a decent stamina type Driver. However, it is outclassed by Performance Tips such as Bearing and Eternal, as well as other options released later in the Beyblade Burst generation, such as Bearing Drift, Drift, High Xtend+’, etc…

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Armor : 0

The “0” Armor weight is evenly distributed all over the armor, making it extremely well balanced. This very balanced weight distribution makes “0” highly versatile, but it will be ideal for defense and stamina type combinations.

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How to improve Astral Hello Kitty Over Revolve’-0

Friendly Use

In a non-competitive environment, this combination doesn’t need to be improved, it is a decent a stock combo.

However, players willing to improve its performances while preserving the Astral Hello Kitty Layer can replace Revolve’ with a better Performance Tip, such as High Xtend+’. Drift and Bearing Drift can be used as well, but it will make the combination competitive, creating a risk of breaking the game’s balance. A good copy of High Hold’ can be a decent, enjoyable option in a friendly environment.

Competitive Use

While outclassed by the Burst Blade, Astral remains a strong Blade that can be used in tournaments. Furthermore, the “0” Armor is one of the best Armors available, perfect for stamina combos, and versatile enough to be used in attack and defense type combinations.

Due to its design, Astral is better in left-spin mode, featuring increased spin-equalization potential. Therefore, strong left-spin DB Cores such as Longinus or Bahamut would be the preferred options.

Then, the gold colored Over Forge Disc featured in this Beyblade is also a highly competitive option.

Drivers such as Drift, Bearing Drift, or High Xtend+’ and Bearing’ are all competitive Performance Tips. Additionally, if Bahamut is preferred to Longinus, then Metal Drift can be used safely as well.

Therefore, an example of competitive combination based on Astral Hello Kitty model can be : Astral Bahamut Over Bearing Metal Drift-0.

Final Thoughts on Astral Hello Kitty

Astral Hello Kitty Revolve’-0 is a decent stock combination featuring several good components, such as Astral Blade, Over Forge Disc and “0” Armor. The added coat of paint increases the Over Disc weight, making it a great addition for collectors.

Furthermore, this Booster is the only opportunity to obtain the Hello Kitty DB Core and the Revolve’ Performance Tip.

Therefore, this Beyblade can be a nice addition for competitive players, as well a great model for collectors.

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