Bearing Drift (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 10,25 g
RELEASE DATE : October 8th, 2022

Description of Bearing Drift Driver

First released with the B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 8th, 2022, Bearing Drift is a defense type Performance Tip.

This Performance Tip has a wide, round base with an octagonal shape, featuring a free-spinning tip. The tip is a low angled free-spinning disc, with a small, sharp cone protruding in its center. It is an upgraded variant of the Drift Performance Tip, with added ball bearings supporting the tip, similar to Bearing Performance Tip.

Compared to its predecessor, the sharp tip protrudes more, making Bearing Drift slightly taller, by 1,5 mm.


The very sharp tip of Bearing Drift results in low levels of friction, increasing stamina potential. Stamina potential is further increased by the addition of ball bearings. Ball bearings create less friction between the shaft and the tip, which improves the free-spin of the tip. Therefore, due to the minimal friction with the stadium floor and the improved free-spinning nature of the tip, Bearing Drift has excellent stamina potential.

Furthermore, the low levels of friction result in better burst resistance, and the wide free-spinning tip helps the combination to remain stable. Additionally, the improved free-spin of the tip combined with its design and the round shape of the driver’s base create high LAD potential, making Bearing Drift an excellent choice in opposite-spin stamina battles.

However, the low friction combined with the improved free-spinning nature of the tip result in poor Knock-Out resistance, similar to Bearing.

Nonetheless, Bearing Drift is one of the best, if not the best Performance Tip from the Beyblade Burst generation. Its stamina potential is so high that players willing to keep the game balanced in a friendly, non-competitive environment should avoid using it.

Final Thoughts on Bearing Drift Driver

Bearing Drift is a top tier component, being the most popular Performance Tip in tournaments. It has the high stamina and LAD potential, making it a perfect choice in opposite-spin stamina battles.

Therefore, this Performance Tip is a must have for competitive players.

For collectors, Bearing Drift is a great addition, but players need to be aware that it may break the balance of the game when playing in a non-competitive environment, with non-optimized combinations. While it is possible to knock a Bearing Drift combo out, any average to decent Layer can have great performances when using this Performance Tip.

Furthermore, this driver encapsulates what the competitive meta-game became, being one of the strongest and most representative Performance Tips of the Beyblade Burst generation.

Therefore, Bearing Drift is a must have in any Beyblade Burst collection.

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