Belial 3 (DB Core)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,9 g
RELEASE DATE : October 8th, 2022

Description of Belial 3 DB core

First released with the B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 8th, 2022, Belial 3 is a right-spin DB Core featuring three strong locks and the “Burst Lock” gimmick.

This “Burst Lock” was introduced on its predecessor, Belial 2, as part of the “Overdrive System” gimmick. If the Beyblade is launched hard enough, the centrifugal force activates a “Burst Lock” tab (colored in red on Belial 3) located under this DB core. A lot of power is required to activate the Burst Lock, therefore the use of a Full Custom BeyLauncher LR is recommended.

This “Burst Lock” prevents the Forge Disc from moving, stopping it just before the last click ; this system quite simply prevents the combination from bursting. Unlike some copies of its predecessor Belial 2, Belial 3 “Burst Lock” gimmick can be activated with consistency.

Belial 3 also has high stamina potential, making it a great choice in stamina combinations. Compared to Kerbeus, Belial 3 has better stamina potential, but it requires a lot of power to trigger the “Burst Lock” and have comparable burst resistance. Therefore, the powerful launch required to activate the “Burst Lock” gimmick can make an attack type combination hard to control. However, with more stable stamina combinations, players can launch a Belial 3 combo with force without fear of burst/self-burst.

Additionally, Belial 3 is compatible with the “BU Lock” gimmick. Both Xanthus and Moon Forge Discs feature the “BU Lock” system, raised protrusions designed to interact with specific “BU Lock” compatible DB Cores. This gimmick makes it more difficult for the Disc to progress, increasing Burst resistance.

Final Thoughts on the Belial 3 DB Core

When it comes to burst resistance, Belial 3 is the best right-spin DB Core alongside Kerbeus. Featuring high stamina potential as well, this DB Core is a top-tier component in the competitive meta-game.

Due to the nature of the “Overdrive System”, the use of this DB Core is recommended in combinations requiring high launch power and high burst resistance.

Therefore, Belial 3 is a must-have in any Beyblade Burst collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

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