Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift (H Gear)

WEIGHT : Approx. 73,75 g
RELEASE DATE : October 8th, 2022

Description of Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift

Released with the B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 8th, 2022, Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift (H Gear) is a right-spin defense type combination featuring a three-sided shape.

This combination comes with the H Gear, a special Armor from the set of “Ultimate Evolution Gears“. The Ultimate Evolution Gears are special components that can be used to upgrade Divine Belial Nexus Adventure-3 and create the “Ultimate Divine Belial” combo.

More importantly, this Beyblade comes with Bearing Drift, one of the strongest Performance Tips from the Beyblade Burst generation. Therefore, this stock combination can have good results in a non-competitive environment, even with no additional “Ultimate Evolution Gears” equipped.

Behavior and Performances

Intended to be a defense type Beyblade, this stock combination behaves and performs like a good stamina combo due to the high stamina potential of Bearing Drift.

However, the Divine Blade is designed to accommodate for the F Gear or the A Gear, therefore, there are huge gaps under each main contact point of the Blade. These gaps can be exploited by opposing Beyblades, making the combo prone to Knock-Outs. Bearing Drift low friction combined with the gaps of the Blade create poor K.O. resistance.

This combo has high burst resistance thanks to the Belial 3 DB Core and its “Burst Lock” gimmick. If the Beyblade is launched hard enough, the centrifugal force activates a “Burst Lock” tab located under the core. Once activated, the “Burst Lock” prevents the Forge Disc from moving, stopping it just before the last click ; this system quite simply prevents the combination from bursting.

How to improve Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift

Friendly Use

The priority to make Divine Belial relevant in a friendly environment would be to upgrade the Blade with the F Gear or the A Gear. Since the Ultimate Evolution Gears can only be used with Divine Belial, it is a good opportunity to use A Gear, which performs better in “Attack mode”. This upgrade will not be enough to make Divine a great Blade, but it can at least make it relevant in a friendly environment.

Then, upgrading or replacing the Nexus Forge Disc would be the next upgrade. D gear and S Gear can be used to add extra weight to this Forge Disc. If this option is not available, then replacing this disc with a heavier one will improve this Beyblade performances : Giga, Over, Fortress or Illegal are all good options.

Finally, players can keep H Gear or replace it with a standard Armor, such as “0“, “4“, “10” or “6“.

Competitive Use

This Beyblade features three competitive components : the Belial 3 DB Core armor, the Nexus Forge Disc and Bearing Drift Performance Tip.

Bearing Drift is one of the best drivers in the Beyblade Burst Generation. It can be used to create top tier stamina combinations. Nexus needs to be upgraded with S Gear in free-spin mode. Bearing Drift and Nexus + can be combined to create strong strong opposite-spin combos.
An example could be : Vanish Bahamut Nexus + S Gear Bearing Drift 0.

Belial 3 has great burst resistance thanks to the “Burst Lock” system, and it also has high stamina. Therefore, it can be used in any combination requiring high launch power to activate the “Burst Lock”. For this reason, this DB Core is best used in stamina combinations that can be hard launched to mitigate burst resistance issues.

Final Thoughts on Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift

Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift (H Gear) is a great Beyblade due to the high quality of some of its components. While Nexus is available in many releases from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems, Bearing Drift and Belial 3 are must have components which can only be obtained in this Ultimate Fusion DX Set.

Collectors may be pleased by the quality of the components as well, and may be interested by the H Gear to complete the set of Ultimate Evolution Gears.

Therefore, this Beyblade is a must have in any Beyblade Burst collection, adding more value to the Ultimate Fusion DX Set.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

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