Ultimate Divine Belial

WEIGHT : Approx. 87,1 g

Ultimate Divine Belial

Description of Ultimate Divine Belial

Ultimate Divine Belial, or “Divine Belial Nexus Adventure (Ultimate Gears)”, is the combination of Divine Belial Nexus Adventure-3 and the complete set of Ultimate Evolution Gears, released with various models from the Burst Ultimate system. Each evolution gear improves Divine Belial in different ways, and also adds a lot of weight, making Ultimate Divine Belial a very heavy model. You can check our Ultimate Evolution Gears article for details on how to get the Gears and links to every Gear’s description.

While Ultimate Divine Belial si intended to be an attack type combination, in practice it behaves like a balance type combo. The heavy weight of all perfect gears assembled will result in limited movements, but it doesn’t necessarily mean bad performances.

Compared to the “Perfect Divine Belial” version, this Beyblade does not have to be used in High Mode, thanks to the H Gear allowing the use of Low Mode. This improves the combination’s stamina and overall performances. VS Gear, similarly to V Gear, will increase the combination mobility and will add LAD (Life-After-Death) potential.

However, this “Ultimate” version does not benefit from the spin equalizing potential of F Gear. The new Blade’s attachment, A Gear, is solely designed to increase the very limited smash attack power of the Divine Blade.

While benefiting from all the Ultimate Evolution Gears various upgrades, this fully upgraded Beyblade is not an overpowered combination. Compared to Perfect Divine Belial, this upgraded version is more attack oriented mainly due to how A Gear and D Gear are altering the stock combination’s performances. In spite of its heavy weight and many upgrades, this Gear equipped combo is not the strongest Beyblade in the Dynamite Battle/Burst Ultimate era, but assembling it and playing with it can give a rewarding and exciting feeling for fans of the anime and collectors.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ultimate Evolution Gears are great to upgrade specific components from Divine Belial Nexus Adventure-3 with a specific purpose in a custom combination. Furthermore, the stock combination having very limited performances, this fully upgraded version is a real upgrade to Divine Belial.

List of Beyblade Components

Divine Belial Nexus Adventure (Ultimate Gears)
Ultimate Divine Belial

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