S Gear

WEIGHT : Approx. 4,3 g
RELEASE DATE : August 7th, 2021

S Gear

Description of S Gear

S Gear, found in the B-188 Astral Spriggan Customize Set, is an evolution gear compatible with the Nexus forge disc and the integrated forge disc of the Almight performance tip. It has two different modes : fixed or free-spinning.

If S Gear is attached facing up, it will be fixed on Nexus. This mode is better for attack type combinations.
If S Gear is attached facing down, it won’t be fixed to Nexus, thus spinning freely around the forged disc. This mode should be preferred for stamina combinations, and more specifically spin-equalizing combinations, making Nexus + S Gear a top tier component.

It is worth noting that S Gear adds weight to Nexus, making it the heaviest forge disc in the DB/BU systems (our models averaged at approximately 35,4 g, but forge discs weight can vary) : fixed or free-spinning, the added weight of S Gear will improve Nexus stamina significantly. Furthermore, the increased size of Nexus + S Gear can cause a scraping risk, but this risk is negligible.

S Gear and Almight

S Gear can also be a great addition to the Almight performance tip, but not the same extent. While Nexus+S Gear is a top-tier component, Almight will not become competitive even with V-Gear and S Gear assembled. However, S Gear can add attack potential to this driver in fixed mode, and it ca also increase Almight stamina potential in free-spinning mode, especially in opposite-spin battles.

Final Thoughts on S Gear

S Gear is a great addition to Nexus, improving its weight and overall performances. Being the first forge disc of the Dynamite Battle system, Nexus became outclassed by other forge discs released later in the DB/BU era. Thankfully, S Gear is a real upgrade to Nexus in any combination type, but is probably at its best in free spinning mode, making Nexus very competitive in opposite spin stamina combinations.
We strongly recommend it, for both competitive and non competitive players alike.

List of Beyblade Products

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