WEIGHT : Approx. 37,9 g
RELEASE DATE : October 9th, 2021

Almight driver

Description of the Almight driver

Almight is an attack type performance tip featuring an integrated forge disc. This driver features a free-spinning flat tip barely protruding from a small free-spinning plastic disc.

Almight also features a gimmick, part of the “Overdrive System” : when launched with powerful force, the tip is fixed in place, and take on a flat form. This creates a sudden, brutal and unpredictable acceleration of the combination. On the stock Dangerous Belial Almight-2 combination, this gimmick is really hard to trigger, you will need the Full Custom Beylauncher LR included in the Overdrive Special Starter Set to assist you. Even with this powerful launcher, it will be nearly impossible for children to activate this gimmick. It is worth noting that it will be easier to activate on other combinations, we managed to trigger the “overdrive” mode with relative consistency using blades such as Savior and Devil.

Once the gimmick has been triggered, you will have to reset it at the beginning of the next round, by pressing a small plastic switch located near Almight’s tip.

Almight driver behavior

With Almight “normal mode”, your combination will behave like an attack type Beyblade, moving in circles around the tornado ridge when flat launched and able to move in a semi flower-pattern when using the banking shoot technique.

If Almight goes in “Overdrive mode“, it is highly probable your combination will hit every single wall of the stadium in quick succession, losing huge amounts of stamina in the process. The reason for that is the ridiculous amount of power needed to trigger the gimmick, making the Beyblade very hard to control, even in the larger DB Standard stadium. Please note that with a full force launch you may end up with very chaotic circles around the stadium, hitting walls or a pocket, even with the “Overdrive System” not activated.

On the other hand, if Almight’s gimmick triggers right at the start of the battle, just before or during the first strike, this driver can deliver very spectacular burst finishes and knock-outs, showing that the acceleration caused by the “overdrive mode” does increase attack potential in a spectacular manner. This gimmick is not a bad one, just not reliable and consistent enough.

The addition of V Gear can also increase the attack potential of Almight, adding speed to the combination. Furthermore, V Gear and the free-spinning disc of this driver can create sudden accelerations early in battle, even with the “overdrive system” not activated.

Almight is also compatible with S Gear, which can also be used to increase the attack potential of your Beyblade by using it in “fixed” mode. Alternatively, D Gear can be used on the integrated Disc.

Almight driver stamina and defense potential

While not top-tier in the attack category, Almight is still a very enjoyable performance tip. Not only does it feature a fun gimmick, it also has a very interesting stamina/defense potential thanks to its free-spinning parts.

As often in Beyblade Burst, having a free-spinning part can dramatically improve stamina, especially in opposite-spin battles. Almight also has an incredibly wide, round shape that creates LAD, another great attribute for opposite-spin battles. The addition of V Gear will increase LAD even more, and will make the overall shape of Almight even smoother.

With V Gear equipped, Almight does feel like some kind of a balance type performance tip, providing movement, stamina and defense potential. In a stamina battle, Almight + V Gear can struggle against same-spin opponents, but it can have fairly good results against opposite-spin combinations. S Gear can also be used in free-spinning mode to further increase Almight stamina potential in oppposite-spin battles.

Final Thoughts on Almight

Almight is not a top-tier component, but it is a fun performance tip, allowing the player to use it in various ways. It does not do anything great, but it is decent enough in terms of attack, stamina and defense potential to make it quite versatile and very enjoyable to play with. As such, we strongly recommend it, but it is not a must-have in a competitive player’s collection.

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