Perfect Dangerous Belial

WEIGHT : Approx. 87 g

Perfect Dangerous Belial

Description of Perfect Dangerous Belial

Perfect Dangerous Belial, or “Dangerous Belial Almight (Perfect Gears)”, is the combination Dangerous Belial Almight-2 and the complete set of Perfect Evolution Gears. Each evolution gear improves this stock combination in many different ways, and also adds a lot of weight, making Perfect Dangerous Belial a very heavy model at 87 grams (Perfect Dynamite Belial was 82 grams). You can check our Perfect Evolution Gears article for details on how to get the gears and links to every gear’s description.

Just like Perfect Dynamite Belial, the amount of weight added to the stock Dangerous Belial combination alters its behavior. However, compared to Perfect Dynamite Belial, Perfect Dangerous Belial displays more movement, allowing hit to strike the opponent a bit harder in the early stages of a battle. Almight + V Gear tends to create sudden accelerations, creating decent mobility despite the heavy weight of this combination.

Unfortunately, in spite of the good mobility it displays early in the battle, this combination does not perform really well. In our test battles, it has been defeated in every possible way, including burst finishes. With the added weight of the “Perfect Evolution Gears”, the “Burst Lock” gimmick of Belial 2 becomes more difficult to activate. The same goes for the “Overdrive System” gimmick on the Almight driver, also becoming more difficult to trigger due to the added weight of the combo.

Perfect Dangerous Belial suffers from the High Mode

Furthermore, as explained in our complete Dangerous blade article, the contact points of this blade are so high to accommodate the F Gear that the high-mode does not work really well with Dangerous. Unfortunately, L Gear forces you to assemble Perfect Dangerous Belial in high mode. High mode makes this combination easy to destabilize, which often leads to the S Gear scraping, resulting in huge stamina loss. The high location of the Dangerous contact points also result in a lack of smash attack power.

While benefiting from all the Perfect Evolution Gears various upgrades, this unique Beyblade is far from being a strong combination, but assembling it and playing with it can give a rewarding and exciting feeling for fans of the anime and collectors.

Final Thoughts on Perfect Dangerous Belial

Overall, the Perfect Evolution Gears are in our opinion at their best when used to upgrade specific components from Dangerous Belial Almight-2, with a specific purpose in a custom combination.

Nonetheless, assembling Perfect Dangerous Belial then launching it in battle can be a special memory for a child, and a special moment to share with your friends and your family.


Perfect Dangerous Belial
Perfect Dangerous Belial

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