Overdrive Special Starter Set

RELEASE DATE : October 9th, 2021

Description of the Overdrive Special Starter Set

Released as part of the Dynamite Battle system on October 9th, 2021, the Overdrive Special Starter Set features three Beyblades and a string launcher.

What makes this starting set interesting is that it features all three different types of combinations, several top-tier components and a great string launcher. The three combinations included in this set can give players a good idea of the rock/paper/scissors nature of the game, making it a great starter set.

Furthermore, for players who are just starting their Beyblade collection, the purchase of this starter set and a stadium of their choice can be a great way to make their first steps in Beyblade Burst.

Overdrive Special Starter Set Content

The Beyblades

This Set features stock combinations of different types. Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10 is a right-spin defense type, Dangerous Belial Almight-2 is a right spin attack type, and Savior Perseus Giga Bearing’-3 is a right-spin stamina type.

The Launcher

Additionally, this Set comes with the Full Custom BeyLauncher LR, regarded by many as the best string launcher of the Beyblade Burst generation. Therefore, this starter set features great Beyblades and several top-tier components, but this powerful and reliable launcher is a fantastic addition to the set.

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