Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10

WEIGHT : Approx. 75,6 g
RELEASE DATE : October 9th, 2021
Hasbro Version : Prominence Phoenix P7 Tapered-Q Zone-Q+ Universe 10

Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10

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Description of Prominence Phoenix

Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10 is a right-spin defense type combination featuring the “Prominence Shield”, a plastic part that can be attached to the blade.
The Prominence Shield significantly increases the burst resistance and overall defense of the combination. This additional plastic part has to be attached (or re-attached) to the Prominence blade at the beginning of every round, because it can be knocked off during the battle. If it is knocked off during a round, it may remain in the stadium, interfering with the Beyblades movements, reducing stamina or breaking specific movement patterns.

A quick word of warning regarding the Prominence Shield

Just a word of warning, there are two safety rules that players must keep in mind :

  1. Do not try to remove the Prominence Shield from the stadium before the round has ended
  2. The Prominence Shield can fly over the stadium walls when struck hard, so always keep the recommended body posture when playing

Prominence Phoenix Normal and Heavy modes

The Prominence Shield can be attached in two different ways : “Normal Mode” or “Heavy Mode”. In normal mode the shield will be easily removed, in heavy mode it will be hard to knock off.

Choosing “normal mode” can be risky, but it can be rewarding as well. The removal of the Prominence Shield during the battle will result in a stamina loss, and a highly decreased knock-out resistance. However, if the opponent uses a fairly tall performance tip and/or a high mode combination, the Prominence blade becomes so thin without its shield it is capable of hitting the opponent’s forge disc, or the lower part of its layer causing the opponent’s combination to destabilize.

Choosing the “heavy mode” is usually the safest option, allowing the combination to have decent stamina and great defense potential.

Prominence Phoenix, a true defense type Beyblade

Overall, Prominence Phoenix successfully delivers a pure defense type identity. It is capable of movement thanks to the Metal Universe performance tip, and its layer is solid enough to defend and counter the most aggressive attack type combinations.

Phoenix stock combination will struggle against some stamina combinations for sure, but its burst resistance and overall defense potential is so great that it will be a threat to any kind of attack combinations. Barrier Lucifer is probably a better option to counter left-spin attack combos, but Prominence Phoenix can still do a very good job in that specific match-up type.

This Beyblade is also another model who shines in the DB Standard stadium. With more room to play with, Prominence Phoenix can be hard launched without worrying about lack of control, making it a very fun and entertaining model to use and play against.

How to improve Prominence Phoenix


Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10 is a strong defense type stock combination. As such, in a friendly environment, upgrading it is pretty straightforward : if we want to preserve the identity of the stock combo, we can look for ways to increase the stamina potential of Prominence Phoenix. “10” being a top-tier versatile armor, that leaves us with a look at the forge disc and the performance tip.

Tapered is not a bad forge disc by any means, but we might be able to increase defense and stamina by replacing it with Illegal or Fortress. If you don’t have those models at your disposal, then the very popular Giga or Over will do a great job as well.

Next is the driver. If you already know about the potential issues related to the use of metal drivers, and don’t want to take any risk, then replacing Metal Universe with Universe is an option to consider. However, we did test Metal Universe on the Phoenix DB core a lot, and after months of battles, we can see unusual wear on only one tooth. The burst resistance of the combination hasn’t changed, so you may be able to use Metal Universe relatively safely on the Phoenix DB core, especially combined with the Prominence blade.

Now, if you want to increase Prominence Phoenix stamina potential, without going for the usual top-tier stamina performance tips, I think Zeal can be a good option. This driver can increase the combination’s stamina and give it a little boost in opposite-spin stamina match-ups, where Prominence is at its best in my opinion, while preserving the defense type identity of the Beyblade. Mobius and Mobius Drift can be pretty good options as well.


In a competitive environment, only the “10” armor would be considered as top-tier. Tapered is good enough to be used in a tournament, but it is outclassed by other forged disc from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Final Thoughts on Prominence Phoenix

Coming with only one real top-tier component (“10” armor) and a good forge disc, Prominence Phoenix could be a disappointing Beyblade, but I think it ends up being a real success. In the past, Takara Tomy has struggled a bit with defense type identity and real purpose in my opinion. What is so interesting about Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10 is that it manages to be a real defense type Beyblade, preserving the rock/paper/scissors nature of the game. Relatively “easy” to beat with right-spin stamina combinations but very strong against attack type combos, Prominence Phoenix is a fantastic Beyblade, as long as you are not solely focused on the competitive meta-game.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.


Prominence Phoenix
Prominence Phoenix

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