Prominence (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 14,9 g (5,3 g without Prominence Shield)
RELEASE DATE : October 9th, 2021

Prominence Blade

Description of Prominence

First released with the B-191 Overdrive Special Starter Set as part of the Dynamite Battle system on October 9th, 2021, Prominence is a right-spin defense Blade.

This Blade features a wide round shield (the Prominence Shield) that can be knocked off during battles. With the Prominence Shield attached, this blade is very thick, and its perimeter is wide, round and smooth. With the Shield removed, the Blade becomes extremely thin, making the combination prone to knock-outs.

A quick word of warning regarding the Prominence Shield

Just a word of warning, there are two safety rules that players must keep in mind :

  1. Do not try to remove the Prominence Shield from the stadium before the round has ended
  2. The Prominence Shield can fly over the stadium walls when struck hard, so always keep the recommended body posture when playing

Prominence Phoenix Normal and Heavy modes

The Prominence Shield can be attached in two different ways : “Normal Mode” or “Heavy Mode”. In normal mode the shield will be easily removed, in heavy mode it will be hard to knock off.

Some players advise to use “Normal mode” when facing attack type Beyblades, so the Prominence Shield can easily be removed, an then interfere with the attack type combo movements. In theory, that makes sense. In reality however, it’s not exactly how things happen : attack combinations will hit Prominence really hard, knocking the Shield off very quickly and making it fly over the stadium walls most part of the time. Therefore, there is very little chance that the Prominence Shield will interfere with an attack type movements.

However, the Prominence blade does a great job destabilizing taller combinations, featuring a high driver or using high mode. Without the Prominence Shield, this blade is so thin it is capable of hitting the opponent’s forge disc, or striking under the layer, causing the opponent’s combination to destabilize. In this case, using the normal mode can be a good idea to quickly remove the Shield and aim for the lower part of the opponent’s layer.

On the other hand, once its Shield is gone, Prominence is prone to knock-outs and suffers stamina loss, due to the loss of the Prominence Shield weight. However, in some stamina match-ups, the removal of the Prominence Shield can be beneficial and help out-spinning the opponent, depending on the opponent’s combination.

Heavy mode is usually the safest option, allowing the combination to have decent stamina and great defense potential.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Prominence blade

Prominence is first and foremost a great defense Blade, able to be a real threat to any right-spin attack combination. Prominence struggles a bit more against left-spin attack combinations, making this blade outclassed by Barrier Lucifer in this specific scenario.

When it comes to stamina, Prominence smooth perimeter works best against left-spin combination. The round shape of the blade also helps dealing with high LAD combos. However, the Prominence blade tends to struggle against other right-spin stamina combinations.

Final Thoughts

Prominence is not a top-tier competitive blade, but it brilliantly preserves the rock/paper/scissors nature of the Beyblade game by being very strong in some match-ups and poor in others. It remains one of the best defense blades against right-spin attack combinations, making it a great addition to a non-competitive player’s collection.

List of Beyblade Products

You can find the Prominence blade in the following products :

Dynamite Battle

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