Prominence Knight Legacy Sword’-1

WEIGHT : Approx. 75,4 g
RELEASE DATE : September 10th, 2022

Description of Prominence Knight Legacy Sword’-1

Released with the B-202 Random Booster Vol.30 as part of the Burst Ultimate system on September 10th, 2022, Prominence Knight Legacy Sword’-1 is a right-spin attack type combination.

This Beyblade can be considered as an attack type because of the behavior of the Sword’ Performance Tip, but the combination is not coherent. The Forge Disc, Armor and Driver are attack oriented, while the Blade and the DB Core are better used in defense type combinations.

Therefore, players will have to customize this stock combo to make it coherent and get better performances.

Blade : Prominence

Prominence is a right-spin defense Blade featuring a gimmick : it has a wide round shield (the Prominence Shield) that can be knocked off during battles. This Blade main purpose is to be used in defense combinations to counter right-spin attack type combos.

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Prominence Blade

DB Core : Knight

Knight DB Core features a unique gimmick ; it has vertically spring-loaded teeth. Therefore, this gimmick allows the Layer to move up and down, which can help the combination to absorb and cushion the impact from opponent’s attacks. However, it has fairly poor Burst resistance, but it can be combined with Moon or Xanthus to make use of the “BU Lock” gimmick.

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Knight DB Core

Forge Disc : Legacy

Legacy features six downward sloping blades. The aggressive shape of this Disc decreases the LAD (Life After Death) potential of the combination. Therefore, this Disc is best used in attack combinations, in an attempt to use the Forge Disc shape as a second contact point.

Unfortunately, Legacy, just like Karma, is not wide enough to act as a second contact point in a reliable manner. Furthermore, Legacy is also outclassed by other Forge Discs because of its lack of weight and OWD.

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Legacy Forge Disc

Performance Tip : Sword’

Sword’ is a tall Driver, featuring a wide six-pointed star tip made of metal, increasing the weight of this Performance Tip. However, metal also creates low levels of friction, which makes any combo behavior difficult to control and fairly unpredictable.

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Sword' Driver

Armor : 1

The number “1” means that the weight distribution is focused at one point. This unbalanced weight distribution will decrease stamina potential. Therefore, the main purpose of this Armor is to be combined with the Xiphoid Blade and the Xcalibur DB Core, to increase the focused weight distribution of the “One Hit Mode”.

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1 Armor

How to improve Prominence Knight Legacy Sword’-1

Friendly Use

For a non-competitive environment, replacing Sword’ with a good defense Performance Tip is the easiest way to improve this Beyblade’s performances, making the combination more coherent. Therefore, Drivers such as Atomic’, Universe or a good copy of Moment will preserve Prominence Knight defense type identity while increasing its stamina potential. Moreover, strong stamina drivers such as Bearing’ can push this Beyblade’s performances further.

Furthermore, replacing the “1” Armor with any balanced option can also help to improve this combo. Armors such as 0, 2, 10, or 6 are all good options.

Competitive Use

This stock combo does not feature any top tier, competitive component. However, players lacking options, then the Prominence Blade can be used to create a decent defense oriented combination. Kerbeus can be a nice DB Core because of its high Burst resistance, and Armors such as 0, 2, 10, or 6 are good options to create a decent Layer.

Furthermore, Forge Discs such as Fortress, Illegal, Over, Giga can be used, and a strong defense or stamina Performance Tip will make the combo decent. Atomic’, Universe or a good copy of Moment are good defense type Drivers, and High Xtend+’, Bearing Drift or Bearing’ are strong stamina type options. Mobius and Drift are nice options as well, just more focused on opposite-spin battles.

Final Thoughts on Prominence Knight

Prominence Knight Legacy Sword’-1 is a hybrid Beyblade, resulting in a stock combination that cannot get good results without a few modifications. Featuring no real top tier component, this model is not a must have for competitive players.

However, it is an opportunity for collectors to get the defense oriented Prominence Blade, and the Sword’ Performance Tip that can be used to assemble the recolored Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 (Demon Sword Ver.).

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

List of Beyblade Components

Burst Ultimate

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