Sword’ (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 9,5 g
RELEASE DATE : May 28th, 2022

Sword' driver

Description of the Sword’ Driver

First released with the B-200 Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 Starter as part of the Burst Ultimate system on July 16th, 2022, Sword’ is the “dash” version of the Sword Performance Tip. See the complete article on the Sword driver here. The dash version of a driver has a stronger spring, increasing burst resistance significantly.

Sword’ is a tall driver, featuring a wide six-pointed star tip made of metal, increasing the weight of this Performance Tip. This design can create fast and aggressive movements. However, metal has very low levels of friction, making flower patterns difficult to maintain. Furthermore, the wide contact surface combined with the low friction results in fairly unpredictable movement patterns and poor stamina potential. Therefore, this driver will make any combination difficult to control.

Furthermore, this Performance Tip features two sword-shaped protrusions, one on each side of the tip. In theory, those protrusions are meant to line up with the main contact point of the Xcalibur Layers and increase attack power. In reality, those protrusions are too small to have any impact on attack potential, creating a high scraping risk and poor LAD potential instead.

Final Thoughts

This Performance Tip can make a combination move around with speed due to its low levels of friction, but the lack of friction also make it difficult to control, making any combo behavior fairly unpredictable. Furthermore, the high scraping risk makes it even more difficult to use in attack type combinations.

Therefore, despite the added burst-resistance of the reinforced dash spring system, Sword’ is still outclassed by many attack type Performance Tips.

List of Beyblade Products

You can find the Sword’ Performance Tip in the following products :

Burst Ultimate

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