Xanthus (Forge Disc)

WEIGHT : Approx. 32,45 g
RELEASE DATE : July 16th, 2022

Xanthus Forge Disc

Description of Xanthus Forge Disc

First released with the B-200 Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 Starter on July 16th, 2022, Xanthus is a Forge Disc from the Burst Ultimate system. The design of this disc is reminiscent of the Magnum Forge Disc, released with B-48 Xeno Xcalibur Magnum Impact on July 2nd, 2016.

Similarly to Magnum, this Forge Disc has an outer plastic part, featuring a small protrusion which has the shape of a sword tip. This unbalanced design is intended to create synergy with the Xiphoid Blade, Xcalibur DB Core and the “1” Armor.

After two clicks, the sword-shaped protrusion of Xanthus will line up with Xiphoid main contact point, Xcalibur metal sword and the “1” Armor. This results in the “One Hit Mode”. This gimmick is intended to create a weight distribution focused at the main contact point of the Blade, increasing attack potential. This gimmick is reminiscent of the way Magnum interacted with the Xeno Xcalibur Layer.

Additionally, like Moon, Xanthus features raised protrusions meant to interact with “BU Lock” compatible DB Cores. This gimmick makes it more difficult for the disc to progress, increasing burst resistance.

While Xanthus can create synergy with the Xiphoid Blade, it has a low hanging shape that creates a high scraping risk, making the combination very difficult to launch and use.

Final Thoughts

Xanthus high scraping risk makes it difficult to use ; players will have to use tall drivers or high variants to mitigate this issue.

Therefore, Xanthus is not a must have for competitive players.

List of Beyblade Products

The Xanthus Forge Disc can be found in the following products :

Burst Ultimate

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