Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1

WEIGHT : Approx. 78,85 g
RELEASE DATE : July 16th, 2022
Hasbro Version : Xiphoid Xcalius X8 Xanthus-Q Xtend+-Q+Sword-1

Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword'-1

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Description of Xiphoid Xcalibur

Released as a Starter on July 16th, 2022 as part of the Burst Ultimate system, Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 is an attack type combination. It comes with the Power Custom Sword Launcher LR, a very powerful ripcord launcher with a unique design.

References to the Xcalibur Line

Similarly to Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9, Xiphoid Xcalibur is inspired by several Xcalibur models released earlier in the Beyblade Burst generation. There is the iconic cross of two swords in the center, and fiery bird heads on its sides, references to the first Xcalibur and Xeno Xcalibur. The Contact points design is a reference to Sieg Xcalibur, and the movable sword is inspired by Buster Xcalibur.


This Beyblade components and gimmick are designed to distribute the weight at one specific point : the sword contact point that protrudes from the Xiphoid Blade. The “1” Armor and the Xanthus Forge Disc have their weight distributed toward one point, and the Xcalibur DB Core gimmick is meant to add more weight toward Xiphoid main contact point.

After two clicks, a small sword made of metal located in the Xcalibur DB Core will extend outwards. This sword will be aligned with a sword-shaped protrusion on the Xanthus Forge Disc and the weight of the “1” Armor. This gimmick is called the “One Hit Mode”, focusing weight distribution toward one single point. This can create very powerful attacks, but it also results in an unbalanced weight distribution which decreases the combination’s stamina potential significantly.

Furthermore, the Sword’ Performance Tip is outclassed by many other attack type options. While this stock combination shows high attack potential, its performances are held back by a lack of stamina and a high risk of scraping, making banked shots difficult. Even experienced players may struggle to create flower patterns with this combo.

It is also worth noting that launch power is very important with this combination. Players will have to launch this combo very hard while maintaining a good launch technique. The Power Custom Sword Launcher LR included in this Starter can help to launch with force, but keeping control during launch can be difficult and may require practice.

When launched with enough force, this stock combo has enough attack potential to knock-out a combination using the Vanish Blade, which is usually a very tricky opponent for attack type combinations.

How to Improve Xiphoid Xcalibur

Friendly Use

Upgrading the Performance Tip should improve this stock combination while preserving the Layer and the Beyblade identity. Since this combination can be difficult to launch with enough power and control, players will have to pick a driver they are comfortable with.

Xtreme’ is the best attack type driver available, and Quick’ can be a decent alternative. If players feel safer with more stamina, then Accel’ or its high variant High Accel’ can be decent options. Destroy’ is a strong Performance Tip, providing aggressiveness and decent stamina potential. If players want to keep the Xanthus Forge Disc, then a tall Performance Tip will be needed to mitigate scraping issues.

Replacing Xanthus with Forge Discs such as Fortress, Over or Giga will reduce scraping risk and make the combination easier to use.

Competitive Use

The only competitive component featured in this Starter is the Xiphoid Blade, which can be used to create attack oriented combinations.

Players who have access to a limited number of components may want to replace Sword’ Performance Tip with Xtreme’. The Xcalibur DB Core and the “1” Armor creating synergy with the Xiphoid Blade, players can keep those components and replace the Xanthus Forge Disc with Fortress, Over or Giga.

Final Thoughts on Xiphoid Xcalibur

Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 has potential but its performances are held back by the outdated Sword’. Players will have to replace it to make the combo better and easier to play.

Competitive players may be interested by the Xiphoid Blade, a strong attack oriented Blade that requires to be launched with force to get good results.

Therefore, this Beyblade is not necessarily a must have, but any player can find great value in this unique combination and the Sword Launcher included in this Starter.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.


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