Knight (DB Core)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,6 g
RELEASE DATE : September 10th, 2022

Description of the Knight DB Core

Knight is a right-spin DB Core released with the B-202 Random Booster Vol.30 as part of the Burst Ultimate system on September 10th, 2022.

This DB Core features a unique gimmick ; instead of being horizontally spring-loaded like Valkyrie 1 and Dragon (resulting in the “Bound Attack” gimmick), it has vertically spring-loaded teeth. This gimmick allows the Layer to move up and down, which is meant to absorb the impact from opponent’s attacks.

Knight DB Core Gimmick

When a Knight combination is struck hard enough, this vertical built-in spring mechanism makes the DB Core tilt. Thus, the whole Layer will move up or down, similarly to the Deep Chaos Layer, from the God Layer system. Therefore, this gimmick helps to mitigate and cushion incoming attacks, increasing defense potential, while pushing the opponent back in the process.


This DB Core has fairly low stamina and Burst resistance. While Knight’s gimmick improves defense potential, it is outclassed by other right-spin DB Cores such as Kerbeus, Perseus, Dragon, Belial 2, all featuring better Burst resistance and/or better stamina.

However, Knight, like Xcalibur, is compatible with the “BU Lock” gimmick. Both Xanthus and Moon Forge Discs feature the “BU Lock” system, raised protrusions designed to interact with specific “BU Lock” compatible DB Cores. This gimmick makes it more difficult for the Disc to progress, increasing Burst resistance.

Therefore, Knight is not a must have for competitive players, but it can be a nice addition for Beyblade Burst collectors.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

The Knight DB core can be found in the following products :

Burst Ultimate

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