Wind Knight Moon Bounce-6

WEIGHT : Approx. 72,08 g
RELEASE DATE : September 10th, 2022
HASBRO Ver. :Whirl Knight K8 Tapered-Q Jaggy-Q+Bounce-2

Description of Wind Knight

Released with the B-202 Random Booster Vol.30 as part of the Burst Ultimate system on September 10th, 2022, Wind Knight Moon Bounce-6 is a right-spin stamina type combination. It is the “Prize” Bey of this Random Booster, making it more difficult to get.

This Beyblade is reminiscent of Air Knight 12Expand Eternal, its predecessor from the Cho-Z Layer system. The Blade and the DB Core are references to the original Air Knight Layer, while the Forge Disc is a reference to the Expand Disc Frame.

Wind Knight
Wind Knight (Burst Ultimate)
Air Knight
The original Air Knight (Cho-Z)

This stock combination has a typical stamina type behavior, remaining steady in the center part of the stadium.

This Beyblade features three gimmicks. The Knight DB Core has a built-in spring mechanism, which allows the Layer to tilt when struck hard, absorbing and mitigating opponent’s attacks. While this gimmick is not necessarily spectacular, it does increase defense potential.

This DB Core and the Moon Forge Disc have the BU Lock gimmick, which increases Burst resistance.

Finally, the Wind Blade can switch between two modes : Upper Force Mode and Down Force Mode, but this gimmick has no substantial impact on the combo’s performances.


This Beyblade features several great components, but its overall performances are held back by its Performance Tip, Bounce. While this Driver has a sharp tip that could create high stamina potential, its design and behavior result in a high scraping risk.

Combined with the large width of the Wind Blade and the design of Moon, this stock combination will be easy to destabilize and will suffer from a high scraping risk.

Therefore, the stock combination will have poor performances, despite the top-tier quality of some of its components.

How to Improve Wind Knight

Friendly Use

Improving this combination while preserving its Layer and identity can be easily done by replacing the Bounce Performance Tip with any other available decent stamina Driver. Players who want to recreate the design of its predecessor Air Knight may want to use High Eternal. This Performance Tip is not a top-tier option, but it preserves the identity of the original combo and slightly mitigates the Moon Forge Disc scraping issues. Eternal was the Driver of the original Air Knight combo.

The Wind Blade being an excellent stamina option, players have to keep in mind that combining it with top-tier drivers such as High Xtend+’ or Bearing Drift will result in a very strong combo, which could potentially break the balance of the game, depending on the other Beyblades at their disposal.

Competitive Use

This Beyblade features one of the best right-spin stamina type Blade, Wind. This Blade is a highly competitive component, the best stamina Blade alongside Dynamite + F Gear.

Perseus can be a great DB Core to build a competitive stamina combo using the Wind Blade. Kerbeus is another option, providing high Burst resistance. Dragon, Belial 2 or Valkyrie 1 can be used as well if Perseus and Kerbeus are not available.

The Moon Forge Disc can be replaced with Over, Giga ,Fortress or Illegal Discs. Spread’ can be a good option as well. These Discs are heavy and all have great OWD (Outward Weight Distribution) which will further improve the combination’s stamina.

6” Armor is a great option in stamina combos, but players can replace it with “0“, “2” or “10“.

Finally, Performance Tips such as High Xtend+’ or Bearing Drift, Zone’ or Zone’+Z, as well as Bearing’ are all competitive options, with Bearing Drift being considered as the best stamina Driver.

Final Thoughts on Wind Knight

Wind Knight Moon Bounce-6 is not a strong stock combination, only because of the scraping issues and the overall poor performances of the Bounce Driver combined with Moon Forge Disc.

However, it features one of the best right-spin stamina Blades of the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems, making it a must have in any player’s collection.

List Of Beyblade Components

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

Random Booster Vol. 30
Burst Ultimate

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