Eternal (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 6 g
RELEASE DATE : June 23rd, 2018

Description of the Eternal Driver

First released with the B-115 Archer Hercules 13 Eternal Booster, as part of the Cho-Z Layer system on June 23rd, 2018, Eternal is a stamina Performance Tip.

This driver features a sharp plastic tip of a small diameter surrounded by a free-spinning “guard disc” made of POM (PolyOxyMethylene), a material known for its low levels of friction. It is also worth noting that this Performance Tip is slightly shorter than most of the drivers released before the Cho-Z Layer system. This shorter height creates a scraping risk with combinations from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems. However, this driver has a “High” variant, sitting at a taller height : High Eternal.

The sharp, small plastic tip decreases friction with the stadium floor, which increases stamina potential. Furthermore, the added surrounding free-spinning disc prevents the combination from being destabilized too easily. This disc being made of POM, the friction with the stadium floor is kept to minimum levels, preserving the combination’s stamina potential. However, the low friction of this driver’s disc and tip results in decreased knock-out resistance, being easier to push around the stadium.

As with many free-spinning parts in Beyblade Burst, the disc of Eternal may spin more or less freely depending on the copy, affecting its stamina potential significantly.

Additionally, the wide diameter of the free-spinning disc also creates high Precession time, which could be described in Beyblade as the ability of a combination to spin longer at the end of the battle. Therefore, this ability makes Eternal a strong Performance Tip in opposite-spin stamina battles.

Final Thoughts

Eternal used to be one of the best stamina type Performance Tips, alongside Revolve, Atomic and Bearing. Due to Bearing weak spring lock, Eternal was considered as a solid alternative, featuring a stronger spring lock and increased burst-resistance. Therefore, this driver can be a must have for players collecting Beyblades from the Cho-Z and Gatinko Layer systems.

However, this Performance Tip is too short and lacks stamina potential to remain a top tier component in the current meta-game (Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems).

For players willing to experiment with this driver in DB/BU combinations, then High Eternal should be preferred.

Therefore, this driver is not a must have, but it can be a nice addition in any Beyblade collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the Eternal Performance Tip in the following products :

  • B-115 Archer Hercules 13 Eternal
  • B-130-01 Random Booster Vol. 13  : Air Knight 12Expand Eternal
  • B-132-05 Random Booster Vol. 14  : Legend Spriggan 5Reach Eternal
  • B-140-01 Random Booster Vol. 15 : Cosmo Valkyrie 11 Eternal Ten
  • B-151-04 Random Booster Vol. 17 : Rock Joker Zenith Eternal Sou
  • B-173-07 Random Booster Vol. 22 : Dragoon Victory 2Expand Eternal
  • B-178-06 Random Booster Vol. 24 : Imperial Dragon 7 Eternal

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