Legacy (Forge Disc)

WEIGHT : Approx. 30,7 g
RELEASE DATE : December 11th, 2021

Description of Legacy

First released with the B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9 Booster on December 11th, 2021, Legacy is a Forge Disc from the Dynamite Battle system.

Legacy features six downward sloping blades. This design choice is a reference to the Boost Forge Disc, from the B-34 Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable. Two blades also feature a “Z” like design, this time a reference to B-127 Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution.

Similar to the Karma Forge Disc, the design of Legacy blades is intended to create down force in a right-spin combination, and upper force in a left-spin combination.

In theory, down force pushes the combination against the stadium floor, increasing friction between the tip and the stadium’s floor. Upper force is the opposite, it is meant to decrease the friction of the performance tip on the stadium floor, which could increase stamina. In reality, this has no real impact on the combination’s performance.

The aggressive shape of Legacy decreases the LAD (Life After Death) potential of the combination, preventing it from rolling at the end of a battle. The only way to make relatively good use of this design is in attack combinations, in an attempt to use the Forge Disc shape as a second contact point.

Unfortunately, Legacy, just like Karma, is not wide enough to act as a second contact point in a reliable manner. Legacy is also outclassed by other Forge Discs because of its lack of weight and OWD (Outward Weight Distribution). Giga, Over, Fortress, Illegal, or Nexus + S Gear are preferred options in a competitive environment.

Therefore, Legacy is not a must have, but it can be a nice addition for attack combinations in a friendly environment.

List of Beyblade Products

You can find the Legacy Forge Disc in the following products :

Dynamite Battle

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