Dranzer Spiral (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 27,4 g
RELEASE DATE : July 15th, 2023

Dranzer Spiral Stats (Official)


Description of Dranzer Spiral

First released in the BXG-01 (BX-00) Dranzer Spiral 3-80T Booster as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system, Dranzer Spiral is the first Blade released in the “X-Over Project”, a special Beyblade X line focused on remakes of Beyblades from previous generations. This Blade is the Xtreme Gear Sports remake of the Spin Gear System Dranzer S from the first generation of Beyblade : Bakuten Shoot Beyblade.

This Blade features a layered design made of three parts. The blue bottom part is made of plastic, the silver part is made of metal. The top layer features a plastic part in the center, but the contact points are made of metal.

Dranzer Spiral Layered Design
Dranzer Blade layered design

As you can see on the picture above, the Blade has blue paint around its perimeter. This paint will come off very quickly, and leave blue residue on stadiums and opposing Beyblades.

Furthermore, Dranzer Spiral features two downward sloping blades, creating upper attack potential.


This Blade is 27,4g, which is between 4 and 5g lighter than all other Blades released so far in the Beyblade X generation. This lack of weight severely impedes stamina potential, making any combination using this Blade very inconsistent.

Additionally, the light weight creates high movement speed around the stadium, making Dranzer Spiral average in attack combinations. The Blade’s shape and design does not compensate for its lack of weight, but combined with its high speed, it is capable of knocking opponents out, albeit without consistency.

Overall, this Blade lacks weight to be used in any top tier combination. In a non-competitive environment, it can be decent when combined with attack Bits to increase the combination’s mobility.

Suggested Combinations

A combo based on this Blade relies on early hits and knock-outs to win, making Bits such as Flat, Low Flat or Taper preferred options. The light weight of the Blade highly decreases stamina potential and K.O. resistance. Therefore, stamina and defense Bits cannot be recommended.

Final Thoughts on Dranzer Spiral

Intended to work as a balance type Blade, Dranzer Spiral lacks stamina to do so. In reality, it is at its best in attack type combinations, where it remains a risky option. This Blade is heavily outclassed by Beyblade X regular releases, due to its lack of weight. Therefore, it can be a nice addition in any Beyblade collection, but it cannot be recommended for competitive players.

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Dranzer Spiral Blade

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