Hollow (Ring)

WEIGHT : Approx. 14,6 g
RELEASE DATE : December 26th, 2020

Description of the Hollow Ring

First released with the  B-176 Random Booster Vol. 23 as part of the Superking Layer system on December 26th, 2020, Hollow is a right-spin Ring.

Hollow is a circular ring featuring differently shaped blades on each side. One side of the Ring has a smooth shape, with a large metal blade on top. The other side has three small blades, creating a more aggressive design. The smaller blade is hollowed, but the two larger blades have a metal part on the back.

This design is intended to create powerful attacks with the large metal blade, and “continuous attacks” with the three blades on the other side of the Ring.

In reality, this design results in an unbalanced weight distribution which can indeed create powerful attacks, but also results in an erratic behavior. Depending on the Performance Tip used, this Ring has a propensity to tilt and wobble, and even bounce around the stadium. Drivers having tips with a large contact surface will mitigate this behavior, but the movements will remain sudden and unpredictable.

Since the Ring has a lot of weight on its “smooth side”, with the scythe-shaped metal part on top, centrifugal force will pull the whole combination toward this side of the Ring. Therefore, Hollow will create movement and strike opponents, regardless of the Performance Tip used. This can make Hollow a strong option in stamina combinations, using drivers such as Xtend+ and Forge Discs such as Wheel.

Final Thoughts

The unbalanced weight distribution of this Ring can create powerful attacks, but its propensity to make the combination tilt and wobble make the combo hard to control in pure attack type combinations. Some players love it due to how unusual this design and the resulting behavior are, others will not feel comfortable using it, being too unpredictable and risky.

Furthermore, Hollow can also be used in stamina oriented combinations with great success, being able to make the combo semi-mobile and repel opposing Beyblades with force.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the Hollow Ring in the following products :

  • B-176-02 Random Booster Vol. 23: Hollow Deathscyther 12Axe High Accel’ 4A
  • B-176-02 Random Booster Vol. 23 : Hollow Valkyrie 11 Absorb 1D
  • B-201 Zest Achilles Customize Set

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