Zest Achilles Customize Set

RELEASE DATE : August 6th, 2022

Zest Achilles Customize Set

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Description of the Zest Achilles Customize Set

Released on August 6th, 2022 as part of the Burst Ultimate system, The Zest Achilles Customize Set features the Zest Achilles Illegal Quattro’-4 model, along with several components that allow the creation of a second combination.

The purpose of a Customize Set is to give players a wide variety of components to allow more customization options in their collection. With this specific set, players will have enough components to assemble two Beyblades : Zest Achilles, and Chain Phoenix or Hollow Ragnaruk ; those three layers come already assembled in this set.

Hollow Ragnaruk is a Layer from the Superking system, meaning it can be used with Forge Discs and Performance Tips from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems, but the Layer itself can be customized with Superking components only (Superking Chip, Ring and Chassis).

This Customize Set features top tier components such as the “2” Armor, Illegal and Fortress Forge Discs. It may not be a must have for competitive players, but collectors and players who enjoy stock combinations (combos that are similar to the ones used in the anime) can be interested by the A Gear (required to assembled Ultimate Divine Belial) and the Zest Achilles stock combo.


This Customize Set includes the following items (follow the links for the detailed articles) :

Note : this set also includes the required tool to change Achilles spin direction

The Zest Achilles Customize Set includes all these items, enough to assemble two Beyblades.

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