Zest Achilles Illegal Quattro’-4

WEIGHT : Approx. 74,2 g
Release Date : August 6th, 2022

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Description of Zest Achilles

Released with the B-201 Zest Achilles Customize Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on August 6th, 2022, Zest Achilles Illegal Quattro’-4 is a balance type combination featuring a dual-spin layer.

This stock combination balance type identity is based on adaptability, featuring 48 different modes. While this may sound overwhelming and complicated, this combination is easy to use.

First and foremost, the Zest Blade can be assembled in three different modes : attack, defense, or speed mode. The Blade can be assembled in Low Mode and High Mode, now resulting in six modes. Since the Achilles DB Core and the Zest Blade are dual-spin, that’s now twelve mode. Quattro’ allowing players to switch between four different tips, that makes a total of 48 modes.

Out of the box, Zest Achilles comes in right-spin mode, with the Zest Blade assembled in attack mode. This Beyblade does not feature any strength or weakness. The Blade does not have an aggressive shape, and it is not heavy enough to have high stamina and defense potential. It does not have any real spin-steal potential either.

Therefore, this stock combo relies on mode switching to counter the opponent. With Quattro’ being able to switch between attack, defense, balance and stamina modes, Zest Achilles is fairly versatile, making it a good stock combination. However, this combo will not excel in any specific role.

How to Improve Zest Achilles

Friendly Use

Improving this combination while preserving its Layer and identity is not easy, since the Blade design is one of the reasons why this stock combo cannot really excel in any role. The Forge Disc, Illegal, is a good disc that does not need to be replaced. Therefore, players may replace the “4” Armor with “2” (included in the Zest Achilles Customize Set) to improve performances while still creating synergy with the Layer.

Furthermore, in order to preserve the Beyblade identity, players may replace Quattro’ with the strong High Xtend+’ Performance Tip. Xtend+ being one of the drivers used in the Achilles line, High Xtend+’ can be a coherent option providing high stamina potential and a mode change gimmick as well.

Competitive Use

This Beyblade features three competitive components. The Illegal Forge Disc and the “2” Armor can both be used in any combination type. “2” is often used in stamina combinations, but it also has great synergy with the Guilty Blade in attack oriented combos.

Illegal has great OWD, making it viable in both attack and stamina combinations.

The Achilles DB Core is not as popular, but it has good stamina potential and no major weaknesses or issues. Therefore, Achilles can be a nice option for players looking for a dual-spin Core specifically, or who are in need of an additional DB Core for a competitive Deck.

Final Thoughts on Zest Achilles

Zest Achilles Illegal Quattro’-4 is a decent combination with no major strengths or weaknesses. This stock combo doesn’t excel in any role, making the mode selection and spin direction important to counter opponents.

Therefore, this Beyblade can be a great addition for player who enjoy stock combinations. However, it is not a must have for competitive players due to the limited number of top tier components.

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