Reboot’ (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,7 g
RELEASE DATE : March 30th, 2018

Description of Reboot’ Driver

First released with the B-00 Cho-Z Valkyrie 1’Reach Reboot’ as part of the Cho-Z Layer system on March 30th, 2018, Reboot’ is an attack type Performance Tip. It is the Dash variant of Reboot Performance Tip. The dash version of a driver has a stronger spring, increasing burst resistance significantly.

The only regular release featuring Reboot’ is Dranzer V2 0Cross Reboot’, from B-186 Random Booster Vol. 26.

This Driver has a flat tip, with an eight pointed star shape. Reboot’ features a gimmick : it has a built-in mechanism with an additional small, flat plastic tip.

Reboot’ Gimmick

When the Reboot’ combination is launched, centrifugal force will extend two tabs located on the Driver, pushing the small flat tip out. Therefore, in the first part of the battle, its the additional small flat tip that will make contact with the stadium floor.

As the combination slows down, this tip will retract inside the Driver. Once the tip is inside the Driver, the eight pointed star shaped tip will make contact with the stadium floor. Due to its wider contact surface, this will create an acceleration of the combo.

Reboot’ Performances

In reality, the additional tip that is forced out of the Driver during the first part of the battle has a small diameter, resulting in low friction and limited aggressiveness. Furthermore, it also makes the combination sit at a taller height, making the Reboot’ combo easier to destabilize.

Once the eight pointed star shaped tip makes contact with the stadium floor, the combo becomes more agressive due to the wider contact surface of the tip and the resulting higher levels of friction. However, when this wider tip makes contact, the combination spins with low velocity, resulting in a sudden, short acceleration with limited raw attack power.

Therefore, Reboot’ has limited attack potential in traditional attack type combinations. However, it can be used to create decent Tornado Stalls, since the acceleration caused by the gimmick will extend the duration of the Tornado Stall.

Final Thoughts on Reboot’ Driver

Even with the increased burst resistance of the “Dash” upgrade, Reboot’ is not a top tier component, due to its overall lack of attack potential.

However, it can be used to create decent Tornado Stalls, even in the wider DB standard stadium.

Additionally, while Reboot’ lacks raw attack power, its gimmick can make it an enjoyable Driver when used in a non-competitive environment.

Therefore, Reboot is not a must have for competitive players, but it can be a nice addition for collectors.

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